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April 23, 2013 by

Anonymous asked: Did you start calling Aanya as Russian monkey or was it from before? What is the origin? Have any of the members call her that?

None of the members called her a monkey as far as I know. The thing is I called her Russian Monkey for fun because she’s 1) Russian and 2) so hyperactive like a little monkey and 3) because of this picture ^^


I don’t want to be credited with nicknaming her Russian monkey though because I’m pretty sure some fans already called her that before.

But things escalated so quickly after I called her Russian monkey in Hyakkaten and everybody started calling her that. Sometimes I read her profile online and it says Murashige Anna (also known as Aanya or Russian monkey) and I’m like wait.. what? Hahaha!

I guess I had an unfortunate hand in spreading that nickname. (^^;)

Oh well, here’s a picture of Russian monkey hugging Uetree.