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Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2013 Preliminary result

May 22, 2013 by

Here is the the preliminary result for the first Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

If you want to download the subbed videos, everything is in this shared folder.

Ranking as of 22nd May 2013 23:59 JST

Half-Assed Senbatsu
#1. Kinoshita Yukiko – 1040 votes
#2. Kojima Haruna – 253 votes
#3. Takahashi Minami – 130 votes
#4. Matsui Jurina – 65 votes
#5. Minegishi Minami – 52 votes
#6. Murashige Anna – 51 votes
#7. Matsui Rena – 42 votes
#8. Oshima Yuko – 40 votes
#9. Shimazaki Haruka – 40 votes

Half-Assed Unders
#10. Hirata Rina – 39 votes
#11. Takajo Aki – 33 votes
#12. Tanaka Natsumi – 26 votes
#13. Sashihara Rino – 26 votes
#14. Kawaei Rina – 25 votes
#15. Yamamoto Sayaka – 24 votes

Half-Assed Nexties
#16. Ueki Nao – 22 votes
#17. Miyawaki Sakura – 21 votes
#18. Miyazawa Sae – 20 votes
#19. Shimada Haruka – 19 votes

Half-Assed Lastie
#20. Tomonaga Mio – 18 votes

Did not rank
#21. Motomura Aoi – 17 votes
#22. Itano Tomomi – 16 votes
#23. Yamauchi Suzuran – 14 votes
#24. Tashima Meru – 14 votes
#25. Nakanishi Chiyori – 14 votes
#26. Moriyasu Madoka – 13 votes
#27. Ohori Megumi – 13 votes
#28. Shinoda Mariko – 11 votes
#29. Kodama Haruka – 11 votes
#30. Tani Marika – 10 votes
#31. Kikuchi Ayaka – 9 votes
#32. Suda Akari – 9 votes
#33. Kinoshita Momoka – 9 votes
#34. Anai Chihiro – 9 votes
#35. Takayanagi Akane – 7 votes
#36. Ogasawara Mayu – 5 votes

I would also like to announce the prize for my Half-Assed Senbatsu.

#1 Center for [Half Assed Senbatsu] – A subbed 5 minutes video
#10 Center for [Half Assed Unders] – A subbed 3 minutes video
#16 Center for [Half Assed Nexties] – A subbed 1 minute video
#20 [Half Assed Lastie] – A subbed 10 seconds video

I will choose the video myself and whether the subs will be real or fake depends on me! 😉

This is not the final result, just the preliminary. If you’re not satisfied with your Oshimen’s ranking, then don’t forget to like, tweet, share, fav, or reblog your favorite member to vote!

If you want to know how to vote click here! You can click the names above to go to their page or go to my tumblr page for the list too!

Remember, voting ends on 8th June at 23:59 JST!

130113 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep12 (final)

April 10, 2013 by

FINALLY! I’m done with season 1!

It has come to an end. When I started, I never thought I’d be subbing something regularly, much alone something from HKT48. My main purpose was just small clips and stuff. I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot, my Japanese improved so much, all thanks to these bunch of jailbaits. And one monkey.

And to think I wasn’t even into HKT48 before I started subbing HaKaTa Hyakkaten. Now they are probably my most favorite 48 group.

A lot of people are still asking if I will sub season 2. Well, I have a surprise news regarding that. Just watch it till the end. 😉

I rate this sub 80% “Honmayan” and 20% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

RAW Video: Hello! Online Tracker
Subtitles: 130113 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep12 (final)

Brought to you by [Half Assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.

[Half_Assed] 130303 Shin Domoto Kyodai (Special Skill)

March 6, 2013 by

Description: Because Cameraman One x Takamina is a ship everyone should support.

I rate this sub 99% “Honmayan” and 1% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

Download Video: http://www.mediafire.com/?hd58umcuzsndox9 (37.5MB)
Youtube: http://youtu.be/ZnfowpsTgz4
Vid48: http://vid48.com/watch_video.php?v=42UGMXGYXG29
Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxzlw0_half-assed-130303-shin-domoto-kyodai-special-skill_fun
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/61158198

120421 Mujack – Momoiro Clover Z (Quiz)

October 30, 2012 by

I love me some Baka Idols. This time is a short Momoiro Clover Z vid with a bonus Takamina! This is not the full video, just the first part of the quiz during their appearance at Mujack.


  • Petagine that Takamina refers to is Roberto Petagine who used to be a baseball player for Giants. Source.
  • Fate is actually Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 but it is more commonly known as Unmei (Fate) in Japan. Source.
  • The statue for the last question is a statue of Dr. William S. Clark, an American professor who helped establish Hokkaido University. His name is well known for his famous phrase, “Boys, be ambitious.” Source. Picture.
  • So much overlap conversations so there might be a few loss lines here and there.

    I give this one a rating of 90% “Honmayan” and 10% “Zettai uso ya wa”.


    Download video: http://www.mediafire.com/?d59lshlc008j51c

    Brought to you by [Half Assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.