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27th May: Strolling around Akihabara

January 4, 2016 by

We started the day early. A bit too early perhaps as we were hit by the morning rush hour on our train ride to Akiba.

2ndDay_Train2We separate ourselves into different coaches, while Wayne reminding each and everyone of us, “2 stops! Get off in 2 stops!”. Me and Momo ended up in the same coach, being squashed with Japanese people in business suits.

2ndDay_Train2ndDay_Exit2ndDay_AkibaWe reached Akiba early. And no shops was open yet. So, while we’re waiting for Akiba to wake up we head to the combini to grab something to eat. We walked around Akiba, just looking around at all the shops that have yet to open.

2ndDay_DonkiClose2ndDay_LibertyCLoseAround 11am, most of the shops started to open. We head to Softmap first, as Hayate wanted to buy a Japanese SIM card. I looked around and bought another powerbank, bringing a total of 3 powerbanks for my trip, haha. My phone was acting strange and keep depleting its battery so I didn’t want to take risk.

2ndDay_SoftmapAfter Softmap, we head to the CD shop to buy AKB’s latest single, “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai”. Even the Sousenkyo preliminary result was shown at the shop.

2ndDay_CD2ndDay_PrelimsI bought all 4 versions, while the rest bought quite a lot. Mostly, for our friends who asked for our help to buy the voting tickets that comes with the CD.


Then, we head to Don Quixote or Donki and stroll around for a bit. We meet up with Kou and EroGG (Erik) from UKN48. So now, the 10 of us are just like one huge group of gaijin, strolling around Akihabara. There were a lot of other foreigners strolling about so we weren’t standing out that much.

2ndDay_ColinErik2ndDay_Donki12ndDay_DonkiWe tried to go to Hello!Project Shop next. I was only half excited anyway since all my favorite members were long gone and I was not familiar with the current members. But it was nice to entertain the idea of going to the shop. Too bad it was closed when we were there.

2ndDay_HPNext, was my favorite shop of them all. It’s time for some photo hunting. We head to Liberty first. I just want to make a statement here, that before my trip to Japan, my only photocard buying experience is either through online (ebay/yahoo auction) or asking for a friend who is going to Japan for help. So being in a shop, that is nothing but photo cards… well, I went a bit crazy.

2ndDay_LibertyJust going by my memory of what cards I have, I just keep choosing and picking and by the time everyone was done paying for their photos, I was still crouching by the HKT48 section, going through each photo one by one. Needless to say, most of my photo cards are of Murashige Anna but I had a few variety of others as well. When the cashier was ringing me up, it took ages, and everyone was waiting with anticipation on how much the damage would be to my wallet.

2ndDay_LibertyShige2ndDay_LibertyCashierThe total came up to ¥19980, just almost reaching 20K yen. I could see the looks on everyone’s face, like I’m a crazy person. It didn’t help that while the cashier was ringing me up, Flashdance’s “Maniac” song was playing throughout the shop.

After the 20,000yen shock in Liberty, we headed to another photo card place. Akiba Cultures Zone had a lot more idol merchandise namely t-shirts and posters.


2ndDay_Cultures2The 20,000 yen damage was too much so I avoided the photo section. Also, because I was not sure on which photo I have and didn’t have at that point. All I wanted to do is head home and put it nicely in an album, take note of the ones I didn’t have and head back here. I did however, grabbed Murashige’s sousenkyo poster from last year, which was one of my favorite sousenkyo photo of hers.

2ndDay_ShigeThe rest of the gang then heads to the figures section while I waited at the side. I wasn’t that into figures and anime, so I just stayed by chatting with Momo and Gert. We head back down and went to Super Potato to look at some games.

2ndDay_PotatoLike anime, I wasn’t huge on games either so I just stayed by the door and chatted with Erik & Kou. I haven’t really chatted with them much before so I find them interesting. Particularly, Kou. Well, I’ll let pictures speak for themselves.

2ndDay_ColinAfter strolling around Super Potato we went back down to the streets and just popping in random shops and look around. They even took a group picture with me (The Colonel).

2ndDay_HalfWhen we looked at the time, we didn’t realized it was almost 5pm and we’ve been walking since morning. We split up into groups and I followed Souchan, Toki & Momo to Asakusa to grab some dinner.

2ndDay_Germans2ndDay_TemotoI open my photos just to browse it. I was still reeling in from the 20K yen shock but there was no sense of regret to be honest. I was happy I got the photos and can’t wait to sort in out in my album.2ndDay_PhotosSouchan opens his CD and was salty that he got Paruru as he was hoping for Yukirin.2ndDay_Salty2ndDay_CDopenI had Ikura Kobore Maki for dinner along with other side dishes that we shared.2ndDay_IkuraAfter coming back to our apartment, while Souchan, Momo & Toki was freshening up and resting, I decided to sprawl my photos on the floor and start some arranging. I must have looked like a crazy person, jotting down notes on which photos are missing, and rearranging all my photos.

2ndDay_Photo2ndDay_ListI opened my CD and started voting as well. Giving 2 votes to Murashige and 2 votes to Shimada. As I do every year. I got both version of Jurina, Sasshi & Yui for my photos.

2ndDay_CDsopen2ndDay_ShimadaAt one point, Souchan starts playing with my GoPro which I don’t know if he realizes it or not, as I could snap the pictures using my phone.

2ndDay_Souchan22ndDay_SouchanAs the night kept going, one by one starts to pop up in our room. Gert shows up first and we played some card games from Netherlands that he taught us. Then Hayate showed up and we played some Uno.

2ndDay_Netherlands2ndDay_Draw4Friendships were broken (but mended later) when this happened.

2ndDay_FriendshipsRuinedWe started doing silly stuff and showing each other magic tricks as well.

2ndDay_SouchanMagicWayne & Brad showed up last after coming back from PARMS.

2ndDay_WayneEven though he is tired, Brad seems to be impressed with Gert’s magic.

2ndDay_GertMagic2ndDay_GertBRadWe spend the night just playing card games. Sometimes UNO, then a little bit of Cards Against Humanity.

2ndDay_CAHIn the middle of playing, HKT48 no Odekake started so my attention was half on the TV and half on the cards in my hand.

2ndDay_OdekakeWe played well up to 3am or so, it was so much fun. A few months ago, when we booked the apartment, we envisioned a night like this. We just keep chatting on what we’re going to do and to be actually doing it, it was just amazing.

2ndDay_Card2ndDay_Card2It’s only been Day 2 but I’m having so much fun I didn’t want it to end.

HKT48 130801 HL LOD 1830 (Murashige Anna Seitansai)

July 28, 2014 by


I have to say up front that this wasn’t easy. And by far the hardest and biggest thing I have ever sub. By far. And I couldn’t have make it without the help of my friends. Kinoe, who timed most of the songs and probably lifted up the most of my burden. AIDOL’s Mayuyu, my fellow Murashige oshi, who encourages me, checks my English throughout the process and also chipping in for a Vimeo Plus account so I could find a place to upload this video. KudoShinichi, who checks my Japanese and fixing my errors. Hayate, for encoding and uploading this massive video.

Finally, to the birthday girl. The sole reason why I wanted to do this. You have been through a lot this year. I saw you through the highs and the lows. Sometimes I couldn’t do much but to just cheer or cry or laugh and just hope my feelings were conveyed somehow. And throughout the whole thing, only one thing was for certain, my love for you grows stronger each and every day.

Here’s to another year full of laughter, full of joy, full of hope. May you achieve everything that you want in life. And may I be there to support you on your every way.

Happy birthday, my Russian monkey.

Torrent link
Softsubs (MC portion. Matches the raw I got from H!O)

Murashige Anna’s LOTTE CM

March 4, 2014 by

A few months back, Lotte held a competition between HKT members to see who would get the highest views in their own homemade CM. Murashige won so she gets her own solo CM!

It’s a really nice CM that really showcase Murashige’s beauty and also her Russian language. Subs are based on the Japanese subtitle though. XD

Remember to watch the original CM on Lotte’s youtube channel HERE!

Team KIV

January 11, 2014 by

Big news! During the 1st day of Kyushu Tour they announced HKT48 Team KIV and it’s captain! This is a list of the new teams!:D

Member’s introduction (Team H)

August 30, 2013 by

Some people might be hesitant to give away their votes away probably because they don’t know the girls well enough. So here’s a mini post about every member of Team H. I’ll try to post some interesting facts that are not so well known to other people too. Hopefully one or two member will catch your eye. 😀

Anai Chihiro


  • The captain of Team H, also known as Cap (Kyappu).
  • Even though she’s captain, she’s known to be a ponkotsu.
  • Lead in both dramas starring HKT48.
  • Does classical ballet
  • Fav quote: “Honestly, we didn’t have any confidence at all during our Shonichi. But I believe in Takahashi Minami-san’s “Effort will always be rewarded”. And we, HKT48, are a team that will keep trying our best as long as we can.” -HKT48 121126 LOD (1st anniversary)

Cap is certainly one of my favorites. She plays guitar but is not good at it. Although, recently she has gotten better thanks to her dad who is teaching her. She’s also known as the richest member within the group. Example of her being a ponkotsu is during roll calls she would go “There’s one person not here!” and then finding out she forgot to count herself. Sometimes she’s surprised that there’s an extra member only to found out she counted the manager as well. She’s certainly not on the same level as Takamina or Sayanee captain-wise but she’s still young and has plenty of time to learn. She’s loved by members and staffs, which I’m certain is what made the management appoint her as captain.

Ueki Nao


  • Has a protruding chin and some say her face looks like a Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train)
  • Teased character
  • Tree for Russian monkey
  • Fav quote: “When I grow up, I want to be someone who is cheerful like Miyazawa Sae-san. I want to be an adult that is kind towards other people around her.” -HKT48 LOD 130114

Ueki is hidden gem for variety shows. She shines the most in Korekara thanks to her rapport with the MC, Abe. Out of all the member that was drop out of senbatsu for the 2nd single, I felt sad for Ueki the most. She has a certain quality that makes you want to cheer for her. She also likes attaching her names to simple greetings. Like Arigatou (Thank you) becomes Arigatoueki. Every time she does this in theater it is received rather coldly by fans which prompted Murashige to say that Ueki is like the past Murashige (Because she’s not gaining any laughs). Which prompt Wakatabe or Moriyasu to retort with, “More like the current Murashige”. Murashige and Ueki is like one of my favorite pairing together because they are so damn cute. XD

Oota Aika


  • Hakata’s big sis
  • Former member of AKB48
  • Best friends with Mayuyu
  • Member of Watarirouka Hashiritai (7)
  • Fav quote: “When I transferred to HKT48, there was a time where I thought it would be hard for me to make friends. But thanks to members who have weird characters like Murashige, I was able to get used to HKT48. And when I did hi-touch with the fans, everyone welcomed me that it made me feel glad I came to Hakata.” – HKT48 121214 LOD (Lovetan’s birthday)

Better known as Rabutan or Lovetan. Her original catchphrase when she joined HKT48 was “Hakata! Hakata! Hakata! Oota!” but she finds it too weird so she stopped. Back in AKB, she was known as a Tsundere character but gave up that character and is now known as HKT’s Big sis. Lovetan made a nice transition from being the pampered child in AKB to the reliable big sister HKT. She often takes a step back so that other members can shine. It’s no wonder the Hakata fans have accepted and love her. Oh, and she hates bugs. Like, really hate it.

Kumazawa Serina


  • Nickname is Riinu
  • Arguably the best dancer in HKT
  • Considered the most stylish and fashionable in the group
  • Good friends with Boss
  • Fav quote: “The song I love most is UZA because isn’t the dance amazing? I’ve been learning dancing for the past 6 years, even in HKT48 I have the privileged to be the dance leader. This kind of dance song would make me stand out the most so this song is my favorite.” -HKT48 130322 LOD

For me, Riinu is one of the best performer in the group all thanks to her dancing skills. According to her mom, Riinu always watch stage DVDs at home, trying to learn the dance moves. Often practicing on her own well into midnight. She has this terribly infectious smile that makes you wanna smile automatically. She also performs as center in a few performances.

Kodama Haruka


  • Gain more support after losing her center position
  • Has a lisp but very eloquent in her G+ posts
  • Concurrent AKB48 Team A member
  • Fav quote: “When I was in a club in middle school, I heard the words: “Just talent can’t win against effort”. I don’t really have any talent, but I can put in a great effort.” – Haruppi’s G+ 121228

Ah.. our fallen center. I think everything that could have been said about Haruppi is already in this post. Her situation is one of the unique ones out of all the sister groups. The chosen center but was outranked by Sakura in the elections, and when Meru came was pushed back to make way for our 2nd Gen center. You don’t see that happen to Acchan, Jurina/Rena or Sayanee/Milky. But this whole debacle really put Haruppi on the map and just like a phoenix, she rose back from the ashes. Stronger than ever. She still has the lisp tho.

Sashihara Rino


  • Was transferred to HKT because of a scandal
  • #1 in AKB Sousenkyo
  • A member of Not Yet
  • A huge idol wota
  • Hetare Scandal Troll Variety Queen
  • Fav quote: “Even though there’s NMB and SKE, I want to make HKT the best team of all.” – AKB48 Documentary No Flower without Rain

Oh Sasshi. Where do I start? I was following Sasshi waaay back during her AKB days since we have the same Kami Oshi in Morning Musume. I think of her like a fellow comrade rather than an idol. Sasshi is basically the main reason why I took notice of HKT in the first place. Would HKT48 achieve the same amount of popularity they gotten now without Sasshi? Probably. But not as fast. Sasshi just sped up their popularity by being there and in turn, brought attention to other members as well. Being a huge HKT48 fan now, I can’t help but to feel grateful to Sasshi. A year ago, if the scandal didn’t happen. If Sasshi had stayed in AKB48, I think the fact that she would get #1 in Sousenkyo would be very unlikely. Now every time I think of Sasshi, I think of HKT48. She really took on the role as mentor and guidance for the kids. And I love her for that. This useless hetare person is now one of the main pillars in HKT48. And I find that amazing. Thank you, Sasshi.

Shimono Yuki


  • Variety member of the group
  • A great dancer like Riinu
  • Okay with bugs but not haunted houses
  • Fav quote: “The thing that I want the most is aura.” – HKT48 121210 LOD

Shinamon is a member that went through a lot of character changes. She went from the “I love matcha (green tea)!” character to the “Black hearted” character to the “Glutton” character and now she is more known as the variety character. But with the emergence of 2nd Gen, her variety spot is being overshadowed by the much more outspoken Tani. She even lost her senbatsu spot for the second single. She’s not wrong for wanting an aura because right now she lacks presence the most. She’s practicing her MC in stage shows (she’s moderating the MC after Tengoku Yarou unit in Hakata Legend) hoping to follow the Minegishi route (minus the shaving) as Miichan is her Oshimen.

Tanaka Natsumi


  • Hakata’s Boss
  • A good tsukkomi to pair with Murashige’s boke
  • Gain 500 comments in just a few minutes when her G+ opened
  • One of HKT representatives for the Janken tournament
  • Has performed more than 300 times at the theater (The most out of all Team H members)
  • Fav quote: “With our abilities, let’s survive the tough world of show business together. Let’s be the best idol group that won’t lose to anyone!” – HKT48 130810 LOD

If I have to take a bet on who will be the next Sasshi, I would pick Boss hands down. She had the “youngest in the group” and “elementary schooler” image for a while but the Boss character was her big break. A 12 year old as the boss of Hakata? Genius. She’s so boss, she moderated her own birthday stage. Twice. It’s unprecedented even in AKB. Just recently turned 13, she’s also one of the tall members of HKT. Not to mention she’s sharp and quick witted for a 13 year old. And being 13 meaning she’s has a lot of time to further polish her skills and character. I believe Boss is going to be one of the main members of HKT and I can’t wait to see it.

Nakanishi Chiyori


  • Funny
  • Reached 3rd round of R-1
  • Best friend with Tani since middle school
  • Fav quote: “Because I’m always doing my best in my performances, I don’t have any regrets at all. That’s right. Keep on shining.” – HKT48 130216 LOD

Chori’s gags could beat even the most experienced comedians, further proved by her accomplishments of reaching the third round of R-1. Not only does she does not mind being teased, in fact, she welcomes it. Chori really shines in HKT Variety 48 where she has her own segment like TYORI RAP. And she’s serious about her comedy acts, further proved by her frustration at herself in the Hyakkaten season 1 bonus DVD and her mini R-1 documentary in Korekara.

Matsuoka Natsumi


  • Originally HKT’s #2 right behind Haruppi
  • Pushed back when Sakura ranked
  • Capable of handling all sort of work be it singing or variety
  • A hidden gem
  • Fav quote: “When I was 5 or 6, for a vacation, the place we went had a lower elementary school nearby. Looking at all the cute kids just made me grin to myself. I wonder if that led to the birth of my “Tabetai~” (I wanna eat~) phrase.” – HKT48 121009 LOD

Natsu, for me, is one of the prettiest members of HKT48. She gets a lot of photoshoot offers because she’s a natural at it. She’s lovey dovey with all the members in HKT, particularly 2nd Gen Ito Raira. She also attacks the lolis of group (it used to be Aoi but now it seems she’s concentrating on Yukachan). She is often paired up with Moriyasu in performances.

Miyawaki Sakura


  • Amazing Cinderella story
  • Only HKT to rank in the 27th single Sousenkyo
  • Was in UZA Senbatsu
  • Carries 3 bears in her bag; Brownie, Cocoa-chan and Tiramisu (Recently acquired a fourth bear, White Brownie)
  • Fav quote: “HKT48 is the furthest group from the disaster area. But even then I hope our cheers and smiles could reach everyone in the affected areas.” – HKT48 130311 East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction special performance

I love Sakura. She’s an example story of how ranking in Sousenkyo can really change your life. More people took notice of her including the management. She has amazing drawing skills. Amazingly bad. Hailing from Kagoshima, she is often compared with Kashiwagi Yuki who is from the same place. Her overreaction skills are already legendary. She’s good friends with Murashige and is often the victim of her Murashigeharassments.

Murashige Anna


  • If Sakura dabbles with the A-list members of AKB
  • Murashige is friends with the B-list
  • Starred Majisuka Gakuen 3
  • Too crazy at times
  • Has a dinosaur plushie caled Kevin
  • Center of her own made up Guigui Senbatsu
  • Fav quote: “If we look at the costume’s label (for Kataomoi no Karaage), the costume department wrote just the personalities of members there. Like for instance, Sakura’s costume is written “Serious”, Mariri has “Likes anime”, Aichan has “Tsundere”. But when I look at my costume somehow the word “Giant” is written there.” – HKT48 130312 LOD

Also known as Russian Monkey. That nickname really took off, huh? Hahaha. She’s crazy. That’s undeniable. In variety shows, you have to be a little crazy to get screentime. But she’s damn shy in real life and in school and that gap just makes me want to go to Japan and pat her head. She aspires to be an entertainer one day and always wear the “Aspiring geinin” t-shirt. It’s hardly a secret that she’s my HKT oshimen. She has a huge heart and is passionate in everything.

Motomura Aoi


  • One of the more popular members without any push
  • Crybaby
  • Aoi & Sakura make a very popular paring. Especially when ‘Aoi’ means ‘blue’ and ‘Sakura’ means ‘pink’
  • Fav quote: “I had always been a crybaby since I was small. When there’s a dance move I couldn’t do, I’ll cry out of frustration. Whenever I feel alone, I will cry. When we first had our lesson, I was thinking of cleaning up the lesson room. But when I entered the room, Wakatabe was there. I was so surprised I left the room in a hurry and cried.” – HKT48 121030 LOD

Aoi is the baby face in the group. Always doted by Sasshi. She also adores Tomochin a lot. I kinda want to see Aoi and Mio do a duet so that I can gush at the cuteness of it all. She cries so much in variety shows it has come to a point that it became funny. XD She’s also the only member to gained 3 oshimen badges in Hakata Hyakkaten which proves how popular she is even among the sister groups.

Moriyasu Madoka


  • Princess image
  • Good at playing the piano
  • Has her own radio show
  • Fav quote: “Everyone, oshi-mashi is good but oshihen is not allowed, okay?” (Oshi-mashi = push oshimen more, oshihen = Change oshimen) – HKT48 121002 LOD

Considered a real beauty in HKT. She dreams to be a model one day and I believe she can totally pull it off. She also has a perfect pitch. Along with Boss, they are trying to fatten themselves up since they feel like they’re too thin. Despite her serious looks, she actually has a cute side to her at home. Stories like holding her mother’s hand while sleeping and sleeping with teddy bears. Even Shinamon’s dad who is a Madoka oshi went to her handshake event.

Wakatabe Haruka


  • Originally the baseball daughter character
  • Overtime developed and polish her tsukkomi skill
  • Great gaya (noisy character in the background)
  • Fav quote: “I’m saving my New Year’s money for college.” – HKT48 130107 LOD

She’s good friends with AKB’s Kuramochi Asuka because of their “daughter of a baseball figure” background. She’s considered one of the most better tsukkomi (people who come out with retorts) in the group. Loves her family too much. Many may not know it but she was friends with 2nd Gen Kusaba Manami even before she entered HKT48 since they were both from the same dance school. She also is in charge with a lot of their MC segments.

I hope you guys enjoy reading it! Sorry if it was too long. 😀

[HakataFTW] Hakata Hyakkaten Season 1 Bonus (Akimoto Sayaka)

August 28, 2013 by

Since today is Sayaka’s grad day, here’s something small about Sayaka and HKT48! Even Sayaka who didn’t know a thing about HKT48 has her own oshimen in the group now. And just like Sayaka, I hope maybe some of you would get to know these kids and choose your own HKT oshimen!

HKT has a bunch of shows with their seniors in AKB like AKB to XX!, Mujack, Hakata Hyakkaten, AKBingo and let’s not forget that Sasshi is also part of HKT48 and she’s always on talk shows with other AKB members.

So if there’s any AKB voters who aren’t sure who to vote for, I suggest to give it to HKT48! 😉

Just go message AIDOL on their facebook page here and type HKT48. Till tomorrow!

[Half Assed] HKT48 130322 H LOD (MC + Ending)

July 31, 2013 by

Download link

First of all, watch this first: http://vid48.com/watch_video.php?v=KR9HA5GKRD5R

And here is the MC part and also the ending comment from the same stage. It’s nice when we can see another side of Murashige, isn’t it? She’s cool in the Seifuku Resistance unit and here’s a cute story on how Murashige has a hard time making friends. And at the end, she became the wild Russian Monkey that we all know. XD

I wanted to posted this on Murashige’s birthday but that didn’t happen so here’s a belated birthday release from me. 😀

Also, it’s probably 50% “Honmayan” and 50% “Zettai uso ya wa” cause they talk too damn fast. :p

Brought to you by [Half-Assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.

[Half Assed] Russian Gags (AKB48 Eizo Center)

July 23, 2013 by

Links: Download | Original Video

Murashige was impersonating Japanese comedians and doing their gags in Russian. Some parts when she speaks Russian there was no subtitle but I’m quite familiar with the comedians she’s impersonating so I just assume those parts.

Here are the comedians she impersonate.

1. Sugi-chan (スギちゃん)

His famous catchphrase, “Wild, right?” (ワイルドだろ~?) is usually said after he gives a statement that makes him appear wild. Like in this video, he said, “I threw away the bottle cap even though this is a 1.5 litre drink, wild right?”. Something along that line, hahahaha.

2. Tetsu and Tomo (テツandトモ)

They would do that thing with their hand and say “Nandedarou” over and over again. “Nandedarou” basically means “I wonder why” and you give a statement that puzzles you. In Murashige’s case, she said the painting on the smallest Matryoshka doll is sloppy which is actually quite true, hahaha.


3. Oonishi Lion (大西ライオン)

Clearly Murashige couldn’t wear like that, hence the skin-colored tights. Oonishi Lion’s gag is basically saying that one line from The Lion King’s Hakuna Matata song. The English version is the “It means no worries~!” line but the Japanese version “Shinpai nai sa~!” (心配ないさー!) literally means “Don’t worry~!” but I stayed with the English version so that people would get that it’s a line from The Lion King.

4. Kintaro (キンタロー。)


I don’t have to explain Kintaro, right?

Anyway, I rate this sub 99% “Honmayan” and 1% “Zettai uso ya wa” I guess? Since I’m assuming I translated the gag right and I just can’t hear what Murashige said to the make up lady so I made that line up.

Brought to you by [Half-Assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.

Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2013 Preliminary result

May 22, 2013 by

Here is the the preliminary result for the first Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo!

If you want to download the subbed videos, everything is in this shared folder.

Ranking as of 22nd May 2013 23:59 JST

Half-Assed Senbatsu
#1. Kinoshita Yukiko – 1040 votes
#2. Kojima Haruna – 253 votes
#3. Takahashi Minami – 130 votes
#4. Matsui Jurina – 65 votes
#5. Minegishi Minami – 52 votes
#6. Murashige Anna – 51 votes
#7. Matsui Rena – 42 votes
#8. Oshima Yuko – 40 votes
#9. Shimazaki Haruka – 40 votes

Half-Assed Unders
#10. Hirata Rina – 39 votes
#11. Takajo Aki – 33 votes
#12. Tanaka Natsumi – 26 votes
#13. Sashihara Rino – 26 votes
#14. Kawaei Rina – 25 votes
#15. Yamamoto Sayaka – 24 votes

Half-Assed Nexties
#16. Ueki Nao – 22 votes
#17. Miyawaki Sakura – 21 votes
#18. Miyazawa Sae – 20 votes
#19. Shimada Haruka – 19 votes

Half-Assed Lastie
#20. Tomonaga Mio – 18 votes

Did not rank
#21. Motomura Aoi – 17 votes
#22. Itano Tomomi – 16 votes
#23. Yamauchi Suzuran – 14 votes
#24. Tashima Meru – 14 votes
#25. Nakanishi Chiyori – 14 votes
#26. Moriyasu Madoka – 13 votes
#27. Ohori Megumi – 13 votes
#28. Shinoda Mariko – 11 votes
#29. Kodama Haruka – 11 votes
#30. Tani Marika – 10 votes
#31. Kikuchi Ayaka – 9 votes
#32. Suda Akari – 9 votes
#33. Kinoshita Momoka – 9 votes
#34. Anai Chihiro – 9 votes
#35. Takayanagi Akane – 7 votes
#36. Ogasawara Mayu – 5 votes

I would also like to announce the prize for my Half-Assed Senbatsu.

#1 Center for [Half Assed Senbatsu] – A subbed 5 minutes video
#10 Center for [Half Assed Unders] – A subbed 3 minutes video
#16 Center for [Half Assed Nexties] – A subbed 1 minute video
#20 [Half Assed Lastie] – A subbed 10 seconds video

I will choose the video myself and whether the subs will be real or fake depends on me! 😉

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