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Team KIV

January 11, 2014 by

Big news! During the 1st day of Kyushu Tour they announced HKT48 Team KIV and it’s captain! This is a list of the new teams!:D

[Half Assed] HKT48 130322 H LOD (MC + Ending)

July 31, 2013 by

Download link

First of all, watch this first: http://vid48.com/watch_video.php?v=KR9HA5GKRD5R

And here is the MC part and also the ending comment from the same stage. It’s nice when we can see another side of Murashige, isn’t it? She’s cool in the Seifuku Resistance unit and here’s a cute story on how Murashige has a hard time making friends. And at the end, she became the wild Russian Monkey that we all know. XD

I wanted to posted this on Murashige’s birthday but that didn’t happen so here’s a belated birthday release from me. 😀

Also, it’s probably 50% “Honmayan” and 50% “Zettai uso ya wa” cause they talk too damn fast. :p

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121118 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep07

December 7, 2012 by



Dear HaKaTa Hyakkaten, how can you show me this in the previews..


… and not showing it in the actual episode? How dare you!

This is going to end up in the DVDs right? You money grabber you.

This episode is definitely the longest I ever sub something. First half was awesome with Mocchi’s pervertness but the second half was just a lot of talking. That took awhile. A long while.

Also, Lovetan is joining us from this episode onward.

Just one note, Chin chin densha is actually a tram/streetcar that got its name because of the bell that it rang (hence the “chin chin” or “ding ding/ding dong”). But “chin chin” is also a slang word for male genitalia. That’s why I translated it as such (you’ll find out when you watch). Kojiharu used to say it in Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku.

Upcoming episodes have Akicha, Milky and Sayaka coming. I personally can’t wait for Sayaka’s episode! Finally, new Hyakkaten episode next week!

For the first time, my sub is not the most ridiculous thing in HaKaTa Hyakkaten. Thank you, Mocchi and your wonderful ear fetish.

I rate this sub 100% “Hentai Mocchi”.

RAW Video: Hello! Online Tracker
Subtitles: 121118 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep07

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121111 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep06

November 16, 2012 by

I love this episode! Sae is the best! That is all.

I’m experimenting with typesetting for this sub since there’s a lot of puns and explanations. Typing notes here will be too long anyway. Just the sub positions, no fancy styling or anything.

I’ve tested on several media players and some worked and some were wonky as hell. I figured I should just stop tweaking it and release it as it is. VLC player is fine though, MPC tend to make the subtitle go a little to the left. I give up.

So many talking parts in this episode… (^^;)

I give this sub a rating of 70% “Honmayan” and 30% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

RAW Video: Hello! Online Tracker
Subtitles: 121111 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep06

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121104 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep05

November 7, 2012 by

This episode features two new members of 2nd Gen, Tashima Meru and Tomonaga Mio! Some might recognize Tashima from Morning Musume’s 10th Generation audition. And holy shit, she’s born in 2000? God, I feel so old right now.

A few notes:

  • Inoue Yousui is a singer-songwriter in Japan who has a unique way of talking.
  • Bali’s mask. Pretty much self-explanatory once you click the link.
  • Ryōtei is a high class traditional Japanese restaurant. It is usually the place to do your important business meetings in private.

I don’t know why but Yuko’s presence made my translation more half-assed than usual.

I give this sub a rating of 50% “Honmayan” and 50% “Zettai uso ya wa”.


RAW Video: Hello! Online Tracker
Subtitles: 121104 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep05

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121028 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep04

October 31, 2012 by

Some notes:

  • Furuhata Ninzaburo is a famous fictional detective. Sakura was imitating his catchphrase.
  • The phrase that Shiichan was saying is actually from Moliere since I couldn’t translate what she said beautifully.
  • Sanuki Udon is a noodle soup that is popular in Kagawa.
  • Will Sasshi create random new segments? Will Madoka reveal her real age? Will Aoi cry again? Will someone finally pick Murashige as Oshimen? Let’s watch and find out!

    I give this one a rating of 70% “Honmayan” and 30% “Zettai uso ya wa”.


    RAW Video: Hello! Online Tracker
    Subtitles: 121028 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep04

    PS:Next week is Yuko! Thank God she didn’t play the balloon game for this week. And hardsub is being uploaded as we speak. Also, octopus!

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