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5th Dec: Kuala Lumpur – Hibiki Photosession Event

January 21, 2016 by

Right after the event with Stella☆Beats, Hibiki is even more active to bring more idols to Malaysia. Since he’s a photographer, he decided to do a photoshoot event, something that is common in Japan with underground idols. I didn’t have a professional camera, heck I’m not even a photographer, but I promised to support his event.

The photosession will be held on 5th Dec, and the participating idols were Yumechi from Powerful Musume (Pawamusu), Seina-chan and Ebi-chan from N☆RNiR.


It was 10,000 yen for all 4 sessions which is already quite cheap if compared to the same event in Japan. Session 1 was outdoor, Session 2 & 3 will be in a studio and Session 4 is a special one where they will be wearing their group’s costume.

The rules were simple, no video taking, no taking pics with mobile phones and no 2-shot selfie. Other rules are pretty basic in terms of interaction with the idols; no asking for personal details, no lewd or suggestive poses, basically don’t be a jerk and respect the idols.

We arrived at a park in the morning. 2 Japanese fans joined us as well and they were both Pawamusu & N☆RNiR fans. Yukki-san and Misa-san are already regular goers for photosessions and they came in clad with their DSLR cameras and lenses. Even the girls knew of them. Session 1 started with the girls introducing themselves and each of them had their own handlers/managers. Each participant gets a minute to take pictures and we can rotate as much as we want within the session.

Being a self-proclaimed lolicon, naturally I started with Yumechi, who was the youngest there. I introduced myself to her and started taking pictures. It felt natural, I didn’t need to ask her to do any poses and she’s doing it herself. All I did was snap snap snap.



My next girl was Ebi-chan. She’s much more awkward and shy, in a good way. She didn’t have a lot of poses in her arsenal but has a more natural approach.

Ebi2 Ebi1

Last one was Seina. Oh boy, Seina is good. She can nail down the sexy poses and the charmful poses all at once. Only problem with Seina is I can’t upload her photos online as her photos needed permission from her agency but she has the best poses by far.


Photo by Misa

You can see how my lousy camera differs from Misa-san’s camera, haha. For the first round I introduced myself to them and they introduced themselves to me. But for the second round, I tried to talk more. I went to Yumechi again.


No posing, just figuring what is Ichigo in English

Talking to Yumechi makes me realize how much she was a kid. She praised my Japanese so I teased her by telling her she should study English. I gave out questions after questions and told her to answer me back in English. This was our routine throughout the day. Since everyone else can’t speak Japanese except for me, Misa-san and Yukki-san, her photosessions went rather quiet. But I love to come around and tease her.


Wondering what is usagi in English

Ebi-chan opened up a bit more when I started talking to her. We talked about the weather, and we talked about Japan. I had a pleasant time talking to Ebi-chan and I found my true calling. My photos might be lousy but I love capturing them at their most natural moment. No posing. I would snap a photo in the middle of a talk, or in the middle of a laugh.


If Yumechi is a bit childish, and Ebi-chan is the natural one, Seina kept up the most professional attitude out of the three. It was a photosession after all, and even though I keep taking pictures while she was talking, somehow every pictures of hers looked professional. As it she has a flair for the cameras. It was impressive. She was a natural born model.


Photo by Misa

For each session there will be 2 outfits. Ebi-chan’s T-shirt has English writings on it. And she was so intrigued on what it meant. I might have went overboard and romanticized the saying a little by translating it as “I’m in love with you and there’s no one else I rather have by my side because being with you is so much fun” and she was amazed by the meaning of her T-shirt. She didn’t know she just got hit by a live half-assed translation.


Yumechi was such a kid. I think she caught on by now that I’m a jokester and all I do all day was trolling her. She started groaning at my English questions while me and her handler/manager pestered her to answer.Yume2

I didn’t care about the photosession by this point and ignore all the “poses” and what not with Yumechi. Every time it’s her round, I just want to do silly things, chat with her, and make her laugh.


Trying to explain to me who is in Powerful Musume

At one point, I asked her to do hengao (weird face) and she did this.


Which I responded with a “You call that a hengao??” and she finds it funny that I was pissed at her half-assed hengao.


You can tell I was smitten by this kid by now.

At another point during the photosession, another friend of mine, tempethegreat was taking pictures of Yumechi. I was being the translator between him and Yume and she was so engrossed in posing she took a step too far back and almost fell into the lake behind her! Before I could grab her, Hibiki was already there to keep her steady. Best part was? In saving an idol, Hibiki almost lost his baby, i.e his camera. I manage to catch his camera while he catches his idol. It was a really heart-panicking moment.

Session 1 ended and all of us head on to Session 2. We carpooled to Cupcat Images Studio and had lunch first near the area. Outfits were changed again and the studio was amazing as they had many backdrops.

Yumechi had the pink backdrop room with lots of plushies.


Me and the manager joked around by saying that she should do a pose with all the plushies in the room.


We were not joking, at one point we even threw all the pillows and plushies at her and I was having such a laugh.


The manager was an awesome guy, easy to get along with and a fellow troll. At one point, he started to do some poses and I can’t pass up on the opportunity of snapping a pic.



Seina was again very sexy and very seductive. She had the princess bed studio and ooooh boy. I’m glad I don’t have to share any of her photo because DAMN. That’s all I can say. I felt like a gravure photographer whenever I’m with her.

Ebi-chan got the snow room and I think she felt more at ease by this time.


Again, I love making her laugh. Her laugh always produce my best photos of her so I was coming up with jokes or silly anecdotes every time it’s her turn.


Second outfit was bikinis and no bikinis photos are allowed online so I can’t share any. Being in Malaysia you would rarely see bikinis, much less an opportunity to photograph girls in one. We behaved tho. I think. Everyone got a wee bit excited and was in high tension when the girls appeared.

Yumechi was the one that bothered me the most, as she was still young. She got the snow room with her bikini and I asked her, “Aren’t you cold?” and she replied, “The snow aren’t real, you know.” I replied back with “Here, cover up.” and gave her more fake cotton snow to cover up her bikini. Ah, if only I could show you a photo. She looked ridiculous but we had fun.

Third session started and it was probably everyone’s favourite outfit. Even more of a favourite than the bikinis. It was seifuku (school sailor outfits).


By this time we started talking about our favourite subjects in school and other things. Seina was still looking seductive in school uniforms I don’t know how she does it. But my favourite is of course, you guessed it, Yumechi.


She drew “Usagi” on the board and I asked her what is usagi in English. She correctly answered “Rabbit!” but the best part was what happened next. I asked her to spell it.


She spelled it as “Rabiit” and I just burst out laughing! “Wrong!!”, I yelled which was also echoed by the laughter of others behind me who was queuing up. Even the manager is laughing out loud I think he forgot to time me. As you can see, I was laughing so much even my photos were blurry. It was hard to keep a steady head when you’re laughing like a madman. I asked her to spell again.


She wrote “Rabiet” next. “WRONG!”, I yelled again and by this time I could barely keep it together. She gave me a helpless reaction and told me she doesn’t know how to spell it correctly so I helped her.


She looked so proud to have spelled it correctly and rightfully so as we all rewarded her attempt with an applause. I think by this time the manager announced my time was up but I suspect he didn’t even looked at his watch as it felt like I was laughing at her spellings attempt far longer than a minute.

The second bikini session started but I held back and only took one or two pictures as my battery was running out. The final session was their own group’s outfit and they even performed a mini live for all of us.

Seina1 Yume_Outfit

Overall, it ended with a blast and I had a time of my life even though I barely knew the girls. I made a promise with Yumechi to see Powerful Musume when I’m in Japan in March and I tend to keep that promise. I love interacting with Seina and Ebi-chan as well but Yumechi just takes the cake. I had the most fun every time it’s her turn and I love teasing her and making fun of her.

I had a fun time at the photosession even though I wasn’t a photographer. I definitely didn’t find any calling with photography so I’ll just stick with what I do, half-assed translating. But I get now why photosession events in Japan is quite popular. Not only do you get to take pictures of your favourite girls, you have pictures that no one else have, and have lots and lots of interactions with them. I mean, I literally have hundreds of idol photos in my laptop right now that no other people has.


I was glad Hibiki decided to organize this event. As a friend, I promised I would support him and go every of his idol events, even if they were not my favourite group or I know nothing about them. It was not everyday an idol comes to Malaysia and I was determined to make them feel welcomed. I was glad I came to this event, and I’m waiting for more to come.

My adventure series of 2015 blog entries ends with this last adventure. But it’s far from over. Tomorrow, I’m gonna upload another blog, a final one, to conclude this 2015 series and what you could expect from me in the future.