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Half Assed Senbatsu Center: Kikuchi Ayaka

June 19, 2013 by

Download: [Half Assed] 130509 + 130604 AKB48 no Anta, Dare (Ayarin)

Here is my Half Assed Center’s video, Kikuchi Ayaka!

It is a series of Ayarin waking people up. I left the word oniichan (big brother) as it is since it sounds better.

The video is longer than the promised 5 minutes. Oh well, an extra minute doesn’t hurt anyone, right? XD

There was a bunch of lines I didn’t get so I half-assed those parts. I give this sub a rating of 80% “Honmayan” and 20% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

And again, congrats Ayarin on becoming my center! This ends my Half Assed Senbatsu videos, see you again next year! (The Senbatsu, not me. I’m still here, guys)

Half Assed Nexties center: Yamamoto Sayaka

June 15, 2013 by

And here is the 1 minute video for my Half Assed Nexties center, Yamamoto Sayaka!

Rather than a minute video of just Sayanee, this focuses on a certain.. reveal about her.
All thanks to Komorin. πŸ˜€

Download: [Half Assed] AKB to XX! ep21 120315 (Sayanee’s Size)

Half Assed Senbatsu 2013 RESULTS!

June 8, 2013 by

Konnichiha everybody! It’s finally over and revealed! Yesterday after the real elections we also held our Half Assed Senbatsu event where we revealed our own senbatsu live from our Chat room! I am going to wrap everything up from our live event and give you the results and all. From the last place till the 21st place it will be boring but from there on it will get more and more interesting, believe me XD

Did not rank

#36. NMB48 Team N | Ogasawara Mayu | 9 Votes
#35. HKT48 Team H | Kodama Haruka | 10 Votes
#35. NMB48 Team M | Kinoshita Momoka | 10 Votes
#33. SKE48 Team KII | Suda Akari | 11 Votes
#32. HKT48 Team H | Nakanishi Chiyori | 12 Votes
#31. HKT48 Team H | Motomura Aoi | 13 Votes
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Half Asssed Senbatsu Results Event Announcement!

June 8, 2013 by

The results are in! After the real elections, it’s almost time to reveal the winners of our special event; Half Assed Senbatsu! We are going to reveal them on June 9 2013 on 05:00 JST (which is about 4 hours away form this post), one by one, on our #Half48 Chat! Make sure you’ll be there! It’s going to be as fun as the real elections XD

In case you forgot, here are the slots for Half Assed Senbatsu:

01-09: Half Assed Senbatsu (01-07: Half Assed 7)
10-15: Half Assed Unders
16-19: Half Assed Nexties
20-20: Half Assed Lastie

Also in case you forgot, here are the prizes for the Half Assed Senbatsu:

#1 Center for [Half Assed Senbatsu] – A subbed 5 minutes video
#10 Center for [Half Assed Unders] – A subbed 3 minutes video
#16 Center for [Half Assed Nexties] – A subbed 1 minute video
#20 [Half Assed Lastie] – A subbed 10 seconds video

Who will be the Half Assed Senbatsu? You probably already know but screw it XD Hope you will join our chat again and see who will be the Half Assed Senbatsu for 2013! See you later! πŸ˜€

In case you missed this in the article, here is a link to the #Half48 Chat, where the event is going to happen.

PS: If you need a decent timezone converter, please look here

Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2013

May 12, 2013 by

Heya everyone and welcome to the first Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo ever! This is an event for everyone around the world and everybody can participate for free! Who will be the first ever Half Assed Senbatsu? The top 20 girls with the highest vote count will rank into Half Assed Sembatsu 2013!


Check out the Half Assed election videos which are all listed on the Half Assed Senbatsu page (If you are already on the page just scroll down a bit for the first participant). These are all the participants you can vote for.

How to vote

1. Share via this site
You will find a series of social sharing buttons above all videos. If you share one of the videos, that will count as a vote. So basically the share count is the vote count.

2. Like via Facebook
If you have a Facebook account, head over to our Facebook page. On our Facebook page are the exact same videos as on this site. Every Like will count as a vote.

3. Notes on Tumblr
Even all the Tumblr fans can participate! It’s the place where Half Assed Subs started after all! πŸ™‚ If you head over to our Tumblr page you will also find the same election videos. Every “Note” will count as a vote, so if you either like the post or reblog it or comment on it, the number of notes is the vote count.

Ranking & Titles

These are the titles for the girls that will rank in that certain position

01-09: Half Assed Senbatsu (01-07: Half Assed 7)
10-15: Half Assed Unders
16-19: Half Assed Nexties
20-20: Half Assed Lastie


None, also you can vote as many times you want if you have the possibility to. Infact, if you can do tricks with proxies and all that wizz stuff, be my guest! It’s the same as people who buy hundreds of CD’s to vote for the real elections :p

Voting Period

We will stop accepting new votes at the end of the day when the real Senbatsu is over which is on Saturday the 8th of June. The time that we will stop accepting votes is 23:59 JST. After that the votes will be counted and we will post the results the next day (or maybe a day later if we are really lazy LOL!).

Happy voting!

That’s it. We hope that you will enjoy this little event of ours and I don’t really know what we are going to do with the results but the most important for us is that you, all the Half Assed fans have fun on our place! πŸ™‚