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30th Aug: Bye Bye Bangkok

January 17, 2016 by

I’ve spend my mornings drinking nothing but Chakuza and eating snack food. Lack of idols cause me to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.


BKK_SnackI followed Mai and Mix for some Chanpon since Mai was craving for some after he saw the restaurant while we were in Ekamai.

We then went to maidreamin again (apparently they have 2 branches in Bangkok) to wait for Ryan. The plan today was to watch “Attack of the Titans” that actually premiered 3 days ago in Bangkok.

BKK_maidreaminWe head to Siam Paragon for the movie. Since we’re already here, might as well go big, right? We decided to splurge a little and watch the 4DX version of the movie.

BKK_SiamAfter making sure that the movie is not dubbed in Thai, we bought 3 tickets for Mix, Ryan and me. As Mai left the three gaijin alone as he head somewhere else.BKK_Titan

Well, I never watched the anime but I did read the manga and some part of the storylines that they changed was absolute garbage (looking at you screenwriters who change everything I love about Mikasa). 4DX was okay I guess except for the part where I almost fell off my seat while they were battling the titans. I’m not cut out for the Corps I guess.

Rest of the day went by pretty quickly. We send Ryan back to his hotel and bid our farewells. I had a foot massage with Mix (we didn’t get one near our hotel as it’s quite a whore-y area and we might get a happy ending instead) and went back to our hotel. I bid farewell with Mix and Mai as my flight is really early the next day.

Idols was what bonded me, Mai, Mix and Ryan but even without idols, the fact that we got along really well was a testament to our friendship. I really enjoyed my time with them in Bangkok and they made it fun for me even without an AKB concert. At least this time I won’t suffer from any post-concert depression.

Bangkok was my last international travel of the year but little  do I know, in 2 months to come, my favorite underground idol group is coming to my very own country to perform. I didn’t know it back then but my life was about to change.

29th Aug: Bangkok – What could have been

January 16, 2016 by

BKK_ReadyI reached Bangkok late on the 28th and met up with Mai and Mix at BTS Nana, the train station near to our hotel. It was past midnight and I was there straight from work on a Friday so we agreed to just go sleep and get ready for tomorrow, the supposedly concert day.

We got up quite late at 11am the next day. Since Mai is Thai, he showed us around a bit. We visited Erawan Shrine to see where the incident took place.

BKK_BombYou know, when you see it on a map, you don’t really see the reality of the situation. The bombed place was really near to the event, we were standing on a bridge and on the one side is the incident and the other side of the bridge was the event. There was no recurring incident fortunately but it was always good to stay safe. We then spend a good 10 minutes just longingly looking at the place where the event is suppose to be and “watch” the concert.

We decided not to be down about this and make our own “Japan Expo”! We head first for some MOS Burger, Japanese fast food to start our very own Japan Expo in Thailand.

BKK_MosMOS Shrimp burger taste exactly the same with the one I had in Japan. After lunch, Mai brought us here and there. We went to Japanese bookstores, look around Japanese shops in Gateway Ekamai, and it wouldn’t be Bangkok if there weren’t any dodgy Japanese clubs.

BKK_JapanOur last stop for the day was MBK and we head to the arcade. Mai truly living up to his Asian heritage and killing it at all the rhythm games.

To finish off our own Japan Expo, we head to maidreamin, one of Japan’s most popular maid cafes. Seems like they have branches here in Bangkok as well.BKK_maidreaminA maid cafe trip wouldn’t be complete without some cute drinks. Me and Mix had to do some cute “Nyan Nyan” calls for the maid and she wouldn’t leave us alone if we didn’t do it.

BKK_Kame BKK_NekoAnd then, this one old and grumpy looking uncle went in and me and Mix looked at each other knowing what would happen. We are already laughing quietly at the image of this grumpy uncle doing the “Nyan Nyan” to call over the maid. And then the moment came. The maid took his order and we were waiting for the “Now, if you need anything else don’t hesitate to call us over by doing the ‘Nyan Nyan!’.

We waited. And kept on laughing.

And waited.

And the maid left the grumpy uncle alone.

Heeeeeeey… that’s not fair. The maids just robbed us the image of having the grumpy uncle doing the “Nyan Nyan!” and I’m still pissed about it to be honest.

We then met up with Ryan and I introduced him to Mai and Mix. Even though they were meeting for the first time, we bonded quickly over the fact that we were all there for the same purposes. Idols bond people together but a cancelled concert and being stuck in a foreign country bonds us even quicker.

After dinner, we didn’t know what to do so we head to the bowling alley and bowled really badly together. We talk about idols, about our countries, about our hobbies, anything that came up the top of our heads.

BKK_Bowling BKK_Bowling2BKK_BowlingMaiIn an alternate universe, all of us would be enjoying an AKB concert right now.

After bowling, I was tired from walking and headed back to the hotel while the three of them went to… let’s just say what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok. 😉

28th Aug: Bangkok – The incident

January 15, 2016 by

So, somewhere around July it was announced that AKB48 is going to appear for Japan Expo Thailand 2015. Now, I was waiting for the list of members that would be appearing for the Expo and around 1st August, the lineup was revealed.

BKK_AKB48Not bad, right? I was hoping for Shimada but I guess it was okay. But the lineup wasn’t my main reason to go. Going to the expo as well is Maicrosoft, my website administrator, my go-to IT guy, my confidante, my friend. I’ve known this guy for more than 2 years and we’ve never met. Half-assed subs wouldn’t be like it is now without him around. I would probably still be on tumblr making sub-par subs. He challenged me to do things and help spread the name of Half-assed subs. I was eager to meet the guy, and enjoy an AKB concert with him.

So, on 5th August, I booked my flight and my hotel (which is super near to the venue because I’m lazy). It was done. I’m going right after work on the 28th and coming back on the 31st of August (which was convenient because it was a public holiday in my country). Mindmix, who I met last August and Ryan, who I met last February in Jakarta was going as well. With Mai along. I didn’t felt alone and I knew I had company for the event.

BKK_Ticket However, a tragedy happened on the 17th. A bombing happened inside Erawan Shrine, near to the venue of the event. 20 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

To add image to the gravity of the situation, here’s a map of the venue, my hotel and the location of the bomb. Before my own safety, I was worried for the girl’s. I was half hoping they would cancel the event for their safety but the other selfish half of me hoping it would still go on as well.


The next day…

BKK_AnnouncementGood on the Japan Expo committee for postponing the event. However, I couldn’t cancel my flight. Even Mai, Mindmix & Ryan couldn’t change theirs. Changing flight dates could cause a fee that is just as much as a new ticket and not going just seemed like a waste. I could have just not go but since they were going anyway, I might as well. I canceled my hotel and booked one in theirs (hotel rooms just magically open up as available after the incident I wonder why).

So, there I was, on the 28th of August, on my way to Bangkok to meet Mai, Mix and Ryan, for yet another adventure. Except this time, there’s no idol waiting for me.