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30th Aug: Bye Bye Bangkok

January 17, 2016 by

I’ve spend my mornings drinking nothing but Chakuza and eating snack food. Lack of idols cause me to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.


BKK_SnackI followed Mai and Mix for some Chanpon since Mai was craving for some after he saw the restaurant while we were in Ekamai.

We then went to maidreamin again (apparently they have 2 branches in Bangkok) to wait for Ryan. The plan today was to watch “Attack of the Titans” that actually premiered 3 days ago in Bangkok.

BKK_maidreaminWe head to Siam Paragon for the movie. Since we’re already here, might as well go big, right? We decided to splurge a little and watch the 4DX version of the movie.

BKK_SiamAfter making sure that the movie is not dubbed in Thai, we bought 3 tickets for Mix, Ryan and me. As Mai left the three gaijin alone as he head somewhere else.BKK_Titan

Well, I never watched the anime but I did read the manga and some part of the storylines that they changed was absolute garbage (looking at you screenwriters who change everything I love about Mikasa). 4DX was okay I guess except for the part where I almost fell off my seat while they were battling the titans. I’m not cut out for the Corps I guess.

Rest of the day went by pretty quickly. We send Ryan back to his hotel and bid our farewells. I had a foot massage with Mix (we didn’t get one near our hotel as it’s quite a whore-y area and we might get a happy ending instead) and went back to our hotel. I bid farewell with Mix and Mai as my flight is really early the next day.

Idols was what bonded me, Mai, Mix and Ryan but even without idols, the fact that we got along really well was a testament to our friendship. I really enjoyed my time with them in Bangkok and they made it fun for me even without an AKB concert. At least this time I won’t suffer from any post-concert depression.

Bangkok was my last international travel of the year but little  do I know, in 2 months to come, my favorite underground idol group is coming to my very own country to perform. I didn’t know it back then but my life was about to change.