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28th May: Half-assed tourist part 1

January 5, 2016 by

Since this is my first time in Japan, I decided to be a tourist and try going to all the places that I wanted to see. I was hoping to go to Tsukiji first but after the late night of card game playing that lasted until 3am, I woke up late so I changed my plans to go see Tokyo Tower instead.

3rdDay_Tower1This was my first time since I arrived that I didn’t have the AIDOL gang with me, so I had to rely on myself and Google to get to places. Turns out, Japan railway system isn’t as intimidating as I thought. Plus, Google Map is so reliable you can search for trains to take and the ETA time to get there is correct as well as the trains in Japan is super punctual.

3rdDay_TowerI didn’t went up the Tower as I’m not much of a view person. But the souvenir section at ground floor was the the cheapest I’ve seen so I bought quite a few stuff for my friends and family back home. Then, I started heading out to Roppongi for the Hard Rock cafe shop, to buy a t-shirt for my friend who collects them.

3rdDay_HardRockOn my way there, I saw the Google Map Street Car as well. I started doing Mentaiko poses at the side of the street. (Quick search on the street that I was at and my face still haven’t appeared)

3rdDay_GoogleMapThen, I head over to Shibuya to see the famous Shibuya crossing and Hachiko statue.

3rdDay_Shibuya3rdDay_HachikoSince Momo was in Tower Records, I asked for her help to buy more AKB48 CDs, hoping to get the Tower Records bonus photos. After a whole day of strolling around from Tokyo Tower to Roppongi to Shibuya, I head back to Akihabara to meet up with Momo and Toki at AKB48 cafe. It has been a tourist-y day, but somehow I ended in Akihabara again.

3rdDay_AKBIn the cafe, we had to wait for a while and whose signature that I immediately see when I was waiting? Well, none other than Murashige Anna, of course.

3rdDay_AnnaI even saw Meruzaurus on the pillar.

3rdDay_Meruzaurus3rdDay_MerusaurusWe got ourselves a table and I ordered just a smoothie drink for myself. I also got a Chori coaster and was very pleased.

3rdDay_Cafe3rdDay_CoasterI opened up the CDs that Momo got me and got Nako! (Also Rena and 2 Kawaei)

3rdDay_CDsWe split up ways after the drink and I went back to Liberty. After spending the last night just sorting out photos, this time I was more focused and less tempted. My goal was to complete my collection.

3rdDay_LibertyAfter Liberty, I head to Trio and other photo shops in search for photos to complete my collection. I was running out of cash after buying souvenirs for my friends and family the whole day so funnily enough, since my credit card is actually a photo of Murashige on it, I used Shige to buy more Shiges.

3rdDay_Shige3rdDay_PayMy phone was already dead by this point and I didn’t bring the cables for my powerbanks. Good thing I already know how to get home from Akiba so I was not lost. However, I found out that Wayne & Brad went to PARMS again and I wanted to follow them if they went. After I went home and charged my phone, I got sad that I missed PARMS when I was just in Akiba. Donned my penguin suit and I decided to go to bed early that night, as I plan for an early morning to Tsukiji tomorrow.


27th May: Strolling around Akihabara

January 4, 2016 by

We started the day early. A bit too early perhaps as we were hit by the morning rush hour on our train ride to Akiba.

2ndDay_Train2We separate ourselves into different coaches, while Wayne reminding each and everyone of us, “2 stops! Get off in 2 stops!”. Me and Momo ended up in the same coach, being squashed with Japanese people in business suits.

2ndDay_Train2ndDay_Exit2ndDay_AkibaWe reached Akiba early. And no shops was open yet. So, while we’re waiting for Akiba to wake up we head to the combini to grab something to eat. We walked around Akiba, just looking around at all the shops that have yet to open.

2ndDay_DonkiClose2ndDay_LibertyCLoseAround 11am, most of the shops started to open. We head to Softmap first, as Hayate wanted to buy a Japanese SIM card. I looked around and bought another powerbank, bringing a total of 3 powerbanks for my trip, haha. My phone was acting strange and keep depleting its battery so I didn’t want to take risk.

2ndDay_SoftmapAfter Softmap, we head to the CD shop to buy AKB’s latest single, “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai”. Even the Sousenkyo preliminary result was shown at the shop.

2ndDay_CD2ndDay_PrelimsI bought all 4 versions, while the rest bought quite a lot. Mostly, for our friends who asked for our help to buy the voting tickets that comes with the CD.


Then, we head to Don Quixote or Donki and stroll around for a bit. We meet up with Kou and EroGG (Erik) from UKN48. So now, the 10 of us are just like one huge group of gaijin, strolling around Akihabara. There were a lot of other foreigners strolling about so we weren’t standing out that much.

2ndDay_ColinErik2ndDay_Donki12ndDay_DonkiWe tried to go to Hello!Project Shop next. I was only half excited anyway since all my favorite members were long gone and I was not familiar with the current members. But it was nice to entertain the idea of going to the shop. Too bad it was closed when we were there.

2ndDay_HPNext, was my favorite shop of them all. It’s time for some photo hunting. We head to Liberty first. I just want to make a statement here, that before my trip to Japan, my only photocard buying experience is either through online (ebay/yahoo auction) or asking for a friend who is going to Japan for help. So being in a shop, that is nothing but photo cards… well, I went a bit crazy.

2ndDay_LibertyJust going by my memory of what cards I have, I just keep choosing and picking and by the time everyone was done paying for their photos, I was still crouching by the HKT48 section, going through each photo one by one. Needless to say, most of my photo cards are of Murashige Anna but I had a few variety of others as well. When the cashier was ringing me up, it took ages, and everyone was waiting with anticipation on how much the damage would be to my wallet.

2ndDay_LibertyShige2ndDay_LibertyCashierThe total came up to ¥19980, just almost reaching 20K yen. I could see the looks on everyone’s face, like I’m a crazy person. It didn’t help that while the cashier was ringing me up, Flashdance’s “Maniac” song was playing throughout the shop.

After the 20,000yen shock in Liberty, we headed to another photo card place. Akiba Cultures Zone had a lot more idol merchandise namely t-shirts and posters.


2ndDay_Cultures2The 20,000 yen damage was too much so I avoided the photo section. Also, because I was not sure on which photo I have and didn’t have at that point. All I wanted to do is head home and put it nicely in an album, take note of the ones I didn’t have and head back here. I did however, grabbed Murashige’s sousenkyo poster from last year, which was one of my favorite sousenkyo photo of hers.

2ndDay_ShigeThe rest of the gang then heads to the figures section while I waited at the side. I wasn’t that into figures and anime, so I just stayed by chatting with Momo and Gert. We head back down and went to Super Potato to look at some games.

2ndDay_PotatoLike anime, I wasn’t huge on games either so I just stayed by the door and chatted with Erik & Kou. I haven’t really chatted with them much before so I find them interesting. Particularly, Kou. Well, I’ll let pictures speak for themselves.

2ndDay_ColinAfter strolling around Super Potato we went back down to the streets and just popping in random shops and look around. They even took a group picture with me (The Colonel).

2ndDay_HalfWhen we looked at the time, we didn’t realized it was almost 5pm and we’ve been walking since morning. We split up into groups and I followed Souchan, Toki & Momo to Asakusa to grab some dinner.

2ndDay_Germans2ndDay_TemotoI open my photos just to browse it. I was still reeling in from the 20K yen shock but there was no sense of regret to be honest. I was happy I got the photos and can’t wait to sort in out in my album.2ndDay_PhotosSouchan opens his CD and was salty that he got Paruru as he was hoping for Yukirin.2ndDay_Salty2ndDay_CDopenI had Ikura Kobore Maki for dinner along with other side dishes that we shared.2ndDay_IkuraAfter coming back to our apartment, while Souchan, Momo & Toki was freshening up and resting, I decided to sprawl my photos on the floor and start some arranging. I must have looked like a crazy person, jotting down notes on which photos are missing, and rearranging all my photos.

2ndDay_Photo2ndDay_ListI opened my CD and started voting as well. Giving 2 votes to Murashige and 2 votes to Shimada. As I do every year. I got both version of Jurina, Sasshi & Yui for my photos.

2ndDay_CDsopen2ndDay_ShimadaAt one point, Souchan starts playing with my GoPro which I don’t know if he realizes it or not, as I could snap the pictures using my phone.

2ndDay_Souchan22ndDay_SouchanAs the night kept going, one by one starts to pop up in our room. Gert shows up first and we played some card games from Netherlands that he taught us. Then Hayate showed up and we played some Uno.

2ndDay_Netherlands2ndDay_Draw4Friendships were broken (but mended later) when this happened.

2ndDay_FriendshipsRuinedWe started doing silly stuff and showing each other magic tricks as well.

2ndDay_SouchanMagicWayne & Brad showed up last after coming back from PARMS.

2ndDay_WayneEven though he is tired, Brad seems to be impressed with Gert’s magic.

2ndDay_GertMagic2ndDay_GertBRadWe spend the night just playing card games. Sometimes UNO, then a little bit of Cards Against Humanity.

2ndDay_CAHIn the middle of playing, HKT48 no Odekake started so my attention was half on the TV and half on the cards in my hand.

2ndDay_OdekakeWe played well up to 3am or so, it was so much fun. A few months ago, when we booked the apartment, we envisioned a night like this. We just keep chatting on what we’re going to do and to be actually doing it, it was just amazing.

2ndDay_Card2ndDay_Card2It’s only been Day 2 but I’m having so much fun I didn’t want it to end.