How to help

Are you looking for subbers?

[Half Assed] is a one man team and our man Half San has a very weird work process and he works best alone. We appreciate that you want to help out subbing but we would rather keep our work process like we are used to, to assure that you will get the “quality” of subs that you are used to.

However, if you have the capabilities to help might as well give it to ProjectSub48, AIDOL, Hello!Fansub, TPF and other more respectable subbing group out there.

Spread the word!

On the other hand, we always need people who promote us. If you really really really like us, please spread the word about our site and [Half Assed Subs] releases!

If you frequent a forum, please use this nifty image as your board signature! I will also inclube BBcode for the signature so you only have to copy and paste it! The BBcode is under the image 😀


BBcode (for use with most forums)

HTML code
[code]<a href=””><img src=”” width=”500px” height=”125px” /></a>[/code]

Interact and share!

This is where you can help us the most with! Use our commenting system, post fun stuffs on the forum and use our sharing facilities above every post if you want/can! 😀 The more you do this, the more lively the community will be and the more everyone will enjoy this. This also keeps us very motivated to give you new fun content every once in a while 😀