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Important terms used in Geinin explained

May 20, 2013 by

This is the first actual post on this site and my very first ‘real’ article that has nothing to do with site development or other tech stuff! XD I hope you are going to enjoy it 😀 Also it was written as half assed as half assed subs is, so there could be some errors here and there XD

Since you cannot really find something like this elsewhere to my knowlegde, I decided to write you guys an article about Owarai terms, which are used throughout NMB48 Geinin! That’s right! This can be really helpful if you are watching a show like Geinin! Even if you have subs, there are a lot of owarai terms used in the show that you may not know what they are talking about.

Let’s start with Owarai!

Owarai (お笑い)

This is the general term for (stand-up) comedy. Yeah that’s it! Easy start isn’t it? XD

120703 NMB48 Geinin! ep01.mp4_snapshot_02.23_[2013.05.20_01.09.12]

From now on I’ll try to go alphabetically just for my own convenience :p
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