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Subbed AKBingo Masterlist

November 30, 2014 by

subbedSorry for the long absence. Real life got in the way and I hardly have any time left for subbing.

BUT good news! This is something I have been planning on doing for awhile so I’m glad it’s somewhat done. I had bigger visions for it but for now, I think it’s good enough for a public release. XD

So this is a complete masterlist of all the subbed AKBingo episodes I know. Some of you may have stumbled upon my GDrive masterlist of it, which is actually a reference doc I made for myself, and this site is more of what I envision of it in the first place.

For now, it’s only on my tumblr, hopefully in the near future I can figure out how to implement it on this site as well. Like I said, this is probably around 30% done, I have so much more I would like to do with it that will maybe take a much longer time. So head on to my tumblr and hopefully some of you will find this helpful.

Half-san’s Subbed AKBingo Masterlist

130130 AKBINGO! ep223 (HKT48 Shojiki Shogi)

February 8, 2013 by

Sayaka’s Hyakkaten episode will be a bit late (I’m caught up with real life work) so here’s something small meanwhile.

I know I said I won’t sub AKBingo! but there’s a bunch of request for this and I’m only subbing a small clip.

So, until AIDOL sub the whole episode why don’t we have a half-assed version of the HKT48 Shojiki Shogi match. The NMB48 part is translated here if you’re interested:

Farts, melonpan cheating, naked dancing.. it’s like there is no need for fake subs at all.

I rate this one 90% “Honmayan” and 10% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

Download video: (122MB)