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May 4, 2013 by

86.5% of you wants me to continue subbing it.

11.5% of you wants me to move on and sub other videos.

and weirdly 2% of you wants me to cover myself in peanut butter and sing Banzai Venus. (and I thought I’m the only troll here)

I think I’ll speak on behalf of AIDOL that they won’t continue with our Hyakkaten plan since Guild48 will be releasing season 2 (AIDOL is better off concentrating on the documentary anyway :p)

Regarding helping ProjectSub48/AIDOL with Geinin/Magical Radio/AKBingo, they’re probably faster without me interrupting them. Even with the documentary, I feel like such a burden to AIDOL for having them correcting my subs when all the other translators have finish their segment. :/


I started half-assed subbing because there was no sub available. And now that the videos are being subbed you guys still want half-assed subs.

You guys are weird, okay? XD

For all you weirdos… I decided that I’ll keep subbing Hyakkaten half-assedly! Also, I’ll sub random videos in between episodes. ^^

On the other hand, election videos are up so….

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