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Secret of the Nogizaka46 logo

April 23, 2014 by

Originally I just wanted to keep this a fun post on Facebook page, but since it got pretty popular I thought I should also add it here on the site for the rest of the world to enjoy who never frequent Facebook.

Anyways, this is the story. At first I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently everyone I tell about doesn’t know this. Everyone should know this, so I’ll tell you now. The thing is that Nogizaka46’s logo’s corner is exactly 46 degrees. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the logo for the first time. I was like, hmm that’s prolly not 45 degrees judging by their name.

This level of detail is really awesome though! I really love “hidden” things like this 😀

[Half_Assed] 130702 Nogizaka46 x HKT48 Kanmuri Bangumi Battle! – Prologue

July 20, 2013 by

Links: Softsubs | RAW

Because you guys are relentless. XD

I hesitated to sub this show because there was too much talking part but it seems that everywhere I go (tumblr, twitter, facebook, half48) there’s a “Sub that Tonkotsu show!” message so here I am. ^^

This is the prologue before the show started, a tiny battle between Nogizaka46 and HKT48 to see who gets the first slot for the first week.

There was only one line I wasn’t sure so this sub gets a 99% “Honmayan” and 1% “Zettai uso ya wa” from me. ^^

Brought to you by [Half-Assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.

Half Assed Senbatsu 2013 RESULTS!

June 8, 2013 by

Konnichiha everybody! It’s finally over and revealed! Yesterday after the real elections we also held our Half Assed Senbatsu event where we revealed our own senbatsu live from our Chat room! I am going to wrap everything up from our live event and give you the results and all. From the last place till the 21st place it will be boring but from there on it will get more and more interesting, believe me XD

Did not rank

#36. NMB48 Team N | Ogasawara Mayu | 9 Votes
#35. HKT48 Team H | Kodama Haruka | 10 Votes
#35. NMB48 Team M | Kinoshita Momoka | 10 Votes
#33. SKE48 Team KII | Suda Akari | 11 Votes
#32. HKT48 Team H | Nakanishi Chiyori | 12 Votes
#31. HKT48 Team H | Motomura Aoi | 13 Votes
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Half Asssed Senbatsu Results Event Announcement!

June 8, 2013 by

The results are in! After the real elections, it’s almost time to reveal the winners of our special event; Half Assed Senbatsu! We are going to reveal them on June 9 2013 on 05:00 JST (which is about 4 hours away form this post), one by one, on our #Half48 Chat! Make sure you’ll be there! It’s going to be as fun as the real elections XD

In case you forgot, here are the slots for Half Assed Senbatsu:

01-09: Half Assed Senbatsu (01-07: Half Assed 7)
10-15: Half Assed Unders
16-19: Half Assed Nexties
20-20: Half Assed Lastie

Also in case you forgot, here are the prizes for the Half Assed Senbatsu:

#1 Center for [Half Assed Senbatsu] – A subbed 5 minutes video
#10 Center for [Half Assed Unders] – A subbed 3 minutes video
#16 Center for [Half Assed Nexties] – A subbed 1 minute video
#20 [Half Assed Lastie] – A subbed 10 seconds video

Who will be the Half Assed Senbatsu? You probably already know but screw it XD Hope you will join our chat again and see who will be the Half Assed Senbatsu for 2013! See you later! 😀

In case you missed this in the article, here is a link to the #Half48 Chat, where the event is going to happen.

PS: If you need a decent timezone converter, please look here

Half48 AKB48 5th Elections Live stream event!

June 7, 2013 by

It’s finally done! Our Live Event Center should now work as it should and because the streaming links are already up on Youtube I could complete the page and launch it now 😀 As we have announced before we will have a (Offical) 5th AKB48 Election Live streaming event on June 8, 2013 18:30 ~ 23:10 JST

In case you don’t know yet, the Live Event Center is a page with a live stream, a chat and a relevant twitter stream in the sidebar. This way you don’t have to miss anything! 🙂 In case you have not noticed yet, here is a link to the event center


For the 5th Elections tomorrow we will have 3 streams where you can choose from. The ‘official’ English and Japanese stream from Youtube and also Fuji TV where the event will also be aired. This way we also have a backup stream in case the Youtube ones get overloaded or something XD


That’s all I have to say about it for now! Remember again, the event is on June 8, 2013 18:30 ~ 23:10 JST and in case you missed it, here is a link to the Live Event Center! See you tomorrow!~ 😀

PS: Of course me (Mai) and Half-San will be on the chat 😀
PS PS: If you go there now, Fuji TV will actually work with an actual live stream of Fuji TV 🙂

Half48 5th Elections Live (stream) event announcement

June 3, 2013 by

Heya you Half Assed fans! I have something nice to announce regarding to the (Offical) 5th AKB48 Election Live event on June 8, 2013 18:30 ~ 23:10 JST! We are going to hold a chat when the event airs and if everything goes as planned, we will also have a live stream of the event! 😀

At the moment I am working on a convinient page I made especially for this event. There will be the livestream, the chat and a twitter stream with tweets about the event all together conviniently on one page!

It still needs some work but this is a screenshot of how it’s looking like at the moment.


I will reveal the page when it’s done. Probably the day before the event starts and all.

So yeah, I’m inviting you to join us watching the 5th Elections Live while you have a nice chat with us. I should mention the date and time again; June 8, 2013 18:30 ~ 23:10 JST. See you then! 😀

PS: If you need a good timezone converter, stop looking for it because here is the useful one for you.

111218 Nogizakatte Doko ep12 (Ikuta Erika’s cooking)

November 10, 2012 by

A double Ikuta release? From a different group this time. 🙂

A short clip of Nogizaka46’s Ikuta Erika displaying her cooking skill in Nogizakatte Doko.

I’ve seen a lot of bad cooking from idols but this is something else. How can someone who plays the piano so beautifully, cook this badly? It’s amazing.

She’s cooking Dashimaki Tamago which is like a Japanese rolled omelet with a little bit of stock, usually fish stock. I just left it as it is in the subs. I think Ikuchan got confused with the word Dashi (stock) as normally people would cook Tamagoyaki (Rolled omelet). Anyway, this is how you should cook it. Tamagoyaki is the same except you don’t have to use any stock.

Also, I translated niboshi as anchovies. It’s basically dried fish, looks almost the same as anchovies except it’s bigger.

I give this a rating of 90% “Honmayan” and 10% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

Download video:

Brought to you by [Half Assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.


November 7, 2012 by

If you have watched subbed AKBingo or Shukan AKB or SKE no Magical Radio or NMB Geinin or any subbed shows from the 48 groups, I’m pretty sure you have heard of ProjectSUB48.

Right now they have put up a poll and are collecting comments about their subs. Head on over and give your comments or thanks.

By now I’m getting the hang of subbing HaKaTa Hyakkaten regularly. Basically, it will take roughly 4-5 days for me to finish translating, timing, quality check, encode hardsub and upload the show. I’m doing it every night on my weekdays and sometimes during lunch time at work.

It’s tiring. But every time I see a like or reblog, it gives me the energy to do it again week after week. It’s tiring but it’s fun. It helps that the show is awesome as well. Motivation is important.

ProjectSUB48 has been consistently giving out quality subs on a lot of awesome shows that I watch. They deserve to be appreciated. So say your thanks and leave your comments before it’s too late.

No more of this, please.