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Idols of the Past I: Onyanko Club (1985~1987)

May 21, 2013 by

This is the very first installment of a series of articles dedicated to idols from the past. I am not only writing this because it is interesting to know but it will also help you enjoy certain shows you watch even more! Many current shows involve idols of the past, segments like where an idol of today has to do something with an idol of yesterday are very popular! It’s pretty interesting to know from which corner of entertainment they came from. Ok, enough intro, this wont be there anymore in the future articles but I have to introduce this section somehow XD

For the very first edition of Idols of the Past, there’s no one better to start off with than Onyanko Club (おニャン子クラブ)! Onyanko Club translates into something like Cats Club/Kitten Club. It is is one of the first popular large idol groups and it’s from the 80’s. I think many of us probably know this but if you don’t know it yet; You think AKB48 is Aki-P’s first ever group? BUBBUUU! Onyanko Club was in fact the very first large idol group by Aki-P! Yes you read that right, it was not your imagination LOL! XD So yeah, nice! Let’s get to know this Onyanko Club better! 😀


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