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How to vote for Paruru in AKB48’s 32nd Single Election

May 21, 2013 by

I realized that I have a lot of Paruru oshis in my followers list and I’m friends with a few too. So as a special thanks to all of you, this is a unique guide on how to vote for Paruru in the election!

First, go to the voting site:

This is what you will see. Click on the first pink button to search by name.
1_Search Name

Since Paruru’s name is Shimazaki Haruka, next you will have to click on “さ” which means “Sa” in Hiragana. It will list down all names that starts with S.
2_Choose Sa

Next page will have a list of ALL the candidates that starts with S. Paruru’s name can be quite similar to some of the members so make sure you click the right name!

Click “島田晴香” because that is Paruru’s name in Japanese. Trust me.
3_ Click Name

Next, enter your two serial numbers and press vote!

Oh, and ignore that Shimada picture on the page, I’ve already e-mailed AKS about it and they said they had a problem in uploading images. Your votes will still go to Paruru, don’t worry!

That’s the end of my special guide. Have fun voting, Paruru oshis!