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About MAIcrosoft

I really really love idols and everything around it! My Japanese is even worse than Half's though so I'm very very sorry if I make any mistakes XD

Ao wa yappari? BlueMentaiko of course! :D

February 8, 2014 by

Hello everyone! I have a huge announcement to make. Maybe you already know it if you follow BlueMentaiko, but I can proudly tell you that BlueMentaiko has joined the Half48 Network and blue’s new site is now running on the same system as us!

First I will announce the new site’s URL:

Like I said before, is now running on the same system as us. This means you can use your existing Half48 Account (if you have one) to do stuff like commenting on too! That’s not all, but there will be sites added in the future where you also can use the same account.

All the articles from BlueMentaiko’s old site are transferred to the new site so you don’t miss out on anything. Even the comments are transferred 🙂

I have no more to say than, Go to BlueMentaiko’s new site and enjoy BlueMentaiko’s releases!

Team KIV

January 11, 2014 by

Big news! During the 1st day of Kyushu Tour they announced HKT48 Team KIV and it’s captain! This is a list of the new teams!:D

Yuria and The Evil Seven: Chapter IV.5

January 3, 2014 by

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all sobered-up (is that even a work lol?) lol! If you are still half assed drunk from new years eve, you might not be able to read the next chapter in Half’s fanfic; Yuria and The Evil Seven: Chapter IV.5 (four and a half). This chapter has a small twist. Why would Half call it chapter IV.5 anyways 8-D

This week is a different perspective of the story as we delve into the mind of Niidoi Sayaka.

To read the the fan fiction, follow this link below!

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