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About Half

[Half Assed] is a one person subbing team. Meaning I’m doing all the translating, timing, uploading and bullshitting in all the videos. In the video, I will sub the parts that I am very sure about and the ones I’m not sure I’ll just make up some stuff. This is where I will practice my 中途半端の日本語 (my half-assed Japanese). After all, a half-assed sub is better than no sub, right? 

26th May: The land of the rising sun

January 3, 2016 by

1stDay_ArrivalThis is it. The big day! It finally arrived! Me and Hayate’s flight was at midnight so we met at the airport around 10pm. I was nervous, but Hayate was in glee, basking on the anticipation of reactions of other AIDOL members when they meet me for the first time. Our flight was normal and I slept like a baby, much to Hayate’s displeasure, who said I was snoring and farting in my sleep. I woke up a few hours before we land, greeted by the sunrise. Truly living up to it’s name, the land of the rising sun.

1stDay_SunriseMe and Hayate landed in Narita Terminal 2. After getting our passport stamped, we head to Narita Terminal 1 to welcome the others. The rest of the guys will be arriving later, but Gert should already be waiting for us at Terminal 1.

1stDay_PassportAs we arrive there we saw the famous “Why did YOU come to Japan?” crew who interviewed Wayne and Souchan last year. Since Hayate is opposed to camera time (also because Souchan & Wayne are traumatized by last year’s) we kept our distance and they never approached us. I’m still nervous on the inside as this is my first meeting with the AIDOL gang. How will they react? Will I live up to my online reputation? Will I get along with them? Hundreds of different situation runs through my head. Gert arrived first, pretty chill and relax guy was my first impression of him, as he was unfazed by our meeting.

As we wait for Wayne, Souchan, Toki & Momo to arrive, silence stood still as we didn’t say a lot of things. We laughed when we saw our Japanese driver with the “Mr. Wayne” signboard already waiting for Wayne. I suggested to open the huge banner we had to welcome the rest. It was so huge that we were afraid it would attract the “Why did YOU come to Japan?” crew, who was still lingering around the area. When their flight landed, Hayate & Gert stayed at the arrival area, while I waited somewhere behind, with the intention to surprise them.

1stDay_Banner1stDay_WaitingFrom afar, I saw them coming. I got my camera ready to surprise them. And they didn’t disappoint. Souchan was laughing and Momo had a disbelief look on her face. She mouthed “No way” and Toki just looked surprised. I look around and Wayne wasn’t there. Turns out he went straight to the driver to sort out our transportation. I quickly re-hid myself but decided to go up towards Wayne later.

“Hi Wayne”, was the first word I uttered. Wayne stood still, shocked. But he smiled back, “Hi… Half-san.”. I laughed while he walks towards the rest who is still at the arrival gate. He keeps shaking his head in disbelief while muttering, “I have no words”. I kept laughing until he tells me to stop recording. It felt like I was in our online chat room, but in the real world. We laughed at each other until Wayne tells us that he needs to head up to the post office to grab his pocket wi-fi which was mailed there. I followed him as I was waiting for him to grab mine as well. On the way there I could tell he was still reeling in from the shock and the tiredness. He just got off a 12 hour flight, I could hardly blame him. We found the post office, grabbed our pocket Wi-fi and head down for the van.

Except during our walk to the exit, the “Why did YOU come to Japan?” crew spotted Wayne & Souchan from afar. “Superstar! Superstar!”, they kept shouting at him. I could tell Wayne was annoyed and didn’t want anything to do with them this year but he humored them a few questions or two. Best part is the short interview didn’t even get to be aired since my laughter in the background was probably too much that the clip was deemed unusable. That was my theory anyway.

1stDay_YOUSouchan1stDay_YOUWayneInside the van, both me and Wayne quickly connect to the internet world. And in an instance, silence just swoop around us. Like a very awkward type of silence. It was as if each and everyone of us is thinking, “What now?”. Or maybe it was just me. This is the people who I chat with almost every single day of my life for the past 2 years. I was afraid that showing my real self wouldn’t match up to the “Half-san” persona they have of me. I was half afraid and half nervous that we wouldn’t get along. I can’t remember who but someone spoke up, “It’s so quiet.” and we laughed it off. But then it got quiet again.

We arrived in front of our apartment and was greeted by our gracious host. She gave us a tour of the apartment and showed us how to use the washing machines and also the rules that they have. First 2 units are on the same floor and another unit is on the higher level. Me, Momo, Toki & Souchan stayed on the higher unit, Wayne & Hayate in one unit and Gert & Brad, who has yet to arrive, will stay in the other unit. We decided to rest in our own apartments while we wait for Brad who should be arriving around 3pm.

1stDay_RoomWhile we wait for Brad, everyone has figured out the house wi-fi, and we were all online. Which was weird, as the chat was the first place we all felt comfortable with each other. Even though we’re all together in the same place. I talked for a bit with Souchan and traded photocards. Then I decided to let them rest as they had a long flight. Not long after, the chat starts to chime again, indicating that Brad has landed. Wayne, Hayate & Gert went to pick up Brad from the train station and brought him to our apartment. He was stunned, either from meeting me for the first time or the fact that everyone else is laughing at him. Poor guy was tired as hell too. We all decided to get ready and head out for an early dinner.

1stDay_Everyone1stDay_WalkJust like my friends back home, we’re having such a hard time choosing a place to eat, haha. They were concern on my behalf, as I don’t eat pork, but I told them not to worry as I’ll survive unless they go to a pig factory where they serve nothing but pork. We settled in at Hidaka, and had a fulfilling dinner.

1stDay_DinnerSince the night was young, we decided to walk around for a bit. We wanted to go for Karaoke but thought it was still the first night, and we had plenty of time. We stroll around the train station, bought my Suica card, and went to the konbini (convenience store) to buy drinks and snacks. Then, we head to Book-Off, a place that sells cheap second hand books and CDs. I bought a special One Piece Illustration book for my friend back home, and held out on other temptations.

1stDay_BookOff1stDay_BunchOfGaijinsAfter Book-Off, we head back and everybody was feeling tired. I had little Japanese interaction for my first day, as the only people I talked with are these 7 idiots, and the cashiers at the store. Because Hayate was a better translator than me, people kept asking him about things. I was also overwhelmed. All this places that I’ve seen and watch and read about, I was here. Even the weather was cool, despite it being summer. It was hot, but wasn’t blazing like Malaysia. The cool breeze was constant, making walking a much more enjoyable thing.

1stDay_DiscussionWe arrived back to our apartment and decided on the time to head out tomorrow. While Souchan, Momo & Toki rested, I spend the night watching Mayuyu’s drama.

1stDay_MayuyuAnd one by one, Souchan, Toki & Momo started to fall asleep. But I couldn’t because tomorrow, we’ll be heading to Akihabara. I can’t remember what time I fell asleep but I remember setting the timer on the TV so it would turn off automatically. I took off my glasses and just look at the blurry glow, trying to fall asleep. As the noise of some variety show drowns out my night, it dawned on me that I was finally in Japan.

And I fell asleep smiling.

Pre-Japan Trip: Plannings and preparations

January 2, 2016 by

As some of you know, I happen to help out AIDOL fansubs from time to time. And after a few years, I’ve grown fond of the guys over at AIDOL. We’ve always talked about the huge AIDOL2020 Japan Trip, the year that realistically everyone in the chat could gather and go to Japan together. But after watching AIDOLMayuyu & AIDOLYukirin’s trip to Japan and watching them go to the 2-shot event, I vowed to go to Japan for the next 2-shot. Little that I know, some of us were already thinking of the same thing.

Then, in late November of 2014, the dates for the 2-shots were announced and we could already start applying. It was a no-brainer, I was going. The question is, who else? AIDOLMayuyu writes these amazing guides on how to apply for 2-shots, which helped me tremendously. If anyone here has questions on how to apply for 2-shots, I can’t recommend these guides enough:

  1. 2-shot Guide Part 1
  2. 2-shot Guide Part 1.5
  3. 2-shot Guide Part 2
  4. 2-shot Payment Guide

A total of 8 of us from AIDOL was going.

  • Half – Me.
  • AIDOLYukirin – Also known as Chris or Souchan as I call him. The General Manager of AIDOL. I’m excited to meet Souchan as he is one of the few crews who aren’t afraid to make his face public. I feel like I know him even before I met him
  • AIDOLMayuyu – Or Wayne as I call him. Our love for HKT48 & Murashige connected us instantly. I think I chat with him on a daily basis. He also loves his underground idols so I can’t wait for him to show me some of the groups that he like.
  • Hayate – The other Malaysian in the group. He’s the only one in this group that I’ve met before because we live close by. Our flight is the same departing to Japan but I’ll be coming back earlier as Hayate will join the rest for Sousenkyo.
  • AIDOLKeiichi – Or Brad as I call him. He’s my go-to timer guy and we’ve worked together not only on AIDOL stuff but also for Gaki no Tsukai’s Batsu Game. Like Wayne, he is also interested in underground idols so I can’t wait to join them and meet new groups.
  • Qwink – Also known as Gert, the doctor! Gert is from Netherlands and is a pretty cool dude in the chat room (and later in Japan I found out he’s a really funny and laidback guy).
  • Toki – Also known as Tamara. She is Souchan’s girlfriend and also appeared in “What are YOU doing in Japan?” alongside Wayne & Souchan last year.
  • Momo – AIDOL’s mood-maker and pokemon trainer. Momo, Toki & Souchan are all from Germany so they would be traveling together.

I would also be meeting Rick again. And also EroGG from UKN48 & Kou from tumblr.

PreJapan_2ShotBy the end of December, we sorted out our 2-shot tickets. The hard part comes next. To sort out our flight schedules and accommodation.

Wayne predicted that the Sousenkyo would be held around 6th June, a week after the 2-shot event. So all of us planned to stay until after Sousenkyo. Wayne plans to stay for 3 weeks, Souchan, Toki & Momo for 2 weeks, while Brad, Hayate and Gert a little over 2 weeks. I was unsure, as I had just started my new job and had to ask my boss first before I buy my flight tickets.

What I feared happened. As my boss only allowed me to have my leave for only 1 week. I could leave Friday night on the 29th May and still attend Sousenkyo on 6th June and leave Japan on 7th June. But I was scared I was cutting it close to the date. Plus, nothing about the Sousenkyo was confirmed by that point. So I made up my mind to arrive at the same date with everyone else, on the 26th of May. Leaving Japan just a few days shy of Sousenkyo.

The rest of the gang continues to plan without me. Some of them wants to head out to Nagoya after Sousenkyo. During this time, HKT announced their new concert dates, there’s one on 31st March, in Hokkaido. I asked Wayne, the only other HKT48 oshi if he’s willing to follow me. He was open for it, and I thought if I can’t make it to Sousenkyo then I’m sure as hell making it to the HKT concert.

But being the idiot that I am, I missed the application date. Thus, leaving my 31st Mar free once more. Wayne suggested that we go for Passpo’s concert and that plan fell apart as well. Finally, Brad suggested that we go to Live PLUS Festival on 31st May, an event that gathers all the underground idols.


My itinerary is fully packed from 30th May (2-shot event) till the day I leave. I decided to follow Brad & Wayne to Live PLUS Festival on 31st May. Souchan & Hayate will be attending SKE48 handshake event on the same day. And on 1st June, some of us will head to Fuji-Q, before I fly off on 2nd June.

So, our dates are basically set. Next step, accommodation.

It was hard. I’m not gonna lie. To find a good place, that could fit all of us, but cheap enough so some of us could afford it. It wasn’t crucial that we stay together but we wanted a place that we all could hang out together. It also seemed that we like the idea of having a slumber party every night, haha. Most of us haven’t met each other but we were excited at the prospect of it. Wayne found a good one on airbnb that consist of a 3 unit apartment in the same building. It was affordable, near a train station, near to Akihabara and after many many many accommodation suggestions, it was the first one that we all agreed upon.

I spend almost four thousand ringgit just before the trip, between paying for my flight, the 2-shots tickets (and shipping), the accommodation and also the 7-days pocket wi-fi I bought. It was only January, but we sorted out our flight dates, sorted out our 2-shot tickets, and sorted out our accommodation. It was hard but we finally did it.


And then March happened. The dates of Sousenkyo was announced and as expected, it will be held on 6th June. But something threw a wrench in the plan, it was the venue of the Sousenkyo. It will be held in Fukuoka.

I wasn’t affected, since I’ll be leaving before Sousenkyo. But I pity my friends who already paid for the accommodation in Tokyo. Maybe we were too prepared and jumped the gun on paying for our accommodation so early. Wayne (Truly, this guy is a hero) manage to sort out the accommodation and after I leave Japan, the rest will be flying out to Fukuoka.

Every time I open up our chat group, my heart sinks in because they are planning their Fukuoka itinerary. I was jealous and truly wanted to join them but I can’t. The first 7 days in Japan (aka my whole Japan trip) was already planned out and there was nothing I could contribute to their planning in Fukuoka anyway.

Besides packing, there was nothing else for me to do. All I could do was wait for the big day, and the panicking starts to set in. I was about to go on a trip to meet idols, flying off to a country that I have never been before, and to stay with friends that I have never met. Out of the crazy things I have done, this is the craziest.

20th Feb: AKB48 x JKT48 concert

January 1, 2016 by

When I heard about AKB48 coming to Jakarta to do a collaboration concert, I was hesitant on going. On one hand, I really wanted to go but on the other, I was also saving money to go to Japan in May. But, a few weeks before the concert, they release the names of the members that are going to the concert.

  • Team A: Matsui Sakiko, Morikawa Ayaka
  • Team K: Kitahara Rie, Shimada Haruka, Yokoyama Yui
  • Team B: Oshima Ryoka, Uchiyama Natsuki, Kawamoto Saya, Kuramochi Asuka, Takeuchi Miyu, Natori Wakana, Nozawa Rena, Hashimoto Hikari, Hirata Rina
  • Team 4: Okada Nana

The moment I saw Shimada Haruka it was a done deal. I bought the flight tickets instantly and quickly booked my place to stay. I know I’ll be seeing her again in May but May can’t come soon enough. I was determined. I’m going to this concert.

20th Feb was a Friday but I was lucky that 20th Feb is a public holiday in my country so I had the freedom to fly off on Friday morning itself. There were lots of things I had to do before the concert. Both of my colleagues (there’s only 3 in my department) are on leave for the week so I had to finish the whole week of work for 3 people before I fly on Friday. Busy was an understatement.

After finishing my work till late on Thursday, I had packed all I needed. I had my light sticks ready in my bag, 3 millions rupiah exchanged, putting 2 millions in my bag and bringing 1 million with me in my wallet. After double checking and triple checking my passport and my concert tickets, I was ready. That is when the first out of many obstacle hits me. My flight was delayed.

I was supposed to arrive in Jakarta at 11am, the morning of the concert. It was ample time for me to check in to my accommodation, then arrive at the concert hall around 2pm to meet up with people from Half48 chatroom & UKN48. Instead, my new delayed flight will make me arrive at 2.55pm. Once landed, I grabbed the first taxi service I could find to take me to my place of stay (I paid 320,000 rupiah which I now know was bloody expensive and I should have haggled the price). I was staying at Jalan Cockroaminoto which I somehow pronounced as CockroAminaSato, a mere 5km away from Kokas aka Kota Kasablanka (the concert place). I did think of going to Kokas straight away but I still have 3 hours till the concert starts and I thought I still have time. Boy, was I wrong. What I didn’t realize is 3pm on a Friday was when the traffic in Jakarta is at its worst. First 15 minutes after arriving in Jakarta and I was face to face with the infamous traffic jam a.k.a macet. The feeling of regret is starting to set in.

After paying 500,000 rupiah for my hotel deposit, I quickly threw my bags in the room and ran to the street to grab a taxi to Kokas. From my hotel to Kokas was only 20,000 rupiah, which was when the reality hit me that I paid an unreasonable amount for the taxi at the airport. After arriving at Kokas, I also realized few other things. I left my light sticks and the rest of my money in my bags at the hotel room. So there I was, in Kota Kasablanka, with 160,000 rupiah (Around 11USD) in my pocket, and 30 minutes till the door is open for the concert to start. The wifi connection in Kokas wasn’t very stable as well, so I couldn’t meet up with the other guys.

People were already queuing up. I tried looking around but there were too many people for me to find any Half48 chatroom or UKN48 people around.


Tired, worried, and losing all the excitement I had for the concert, I head on inside the concert hall. I didn’t have enough money to buy merchandise (I could buy something but then I would have no money left for dinner and for the ride back to the hotel so I decided to be an adult and hold out on the merchandise temptation). Luckily, people were giving away free glow sticks so I at least had something in my hand. The seats were separated into left and right section and since nothing in my day seems to be going right so far, I headed to the left side of the seating area.

Jakarta_ConcertKage-ana started and it was Melody. Her Indonesian was clear and slow enough so I could understand most of it. (I basically can understand a bit but don’t ask me to speak Indonesian, I sound weird). Overture started and the whole concert hall, I’m not kidding, EVERYONE started to chant. The boys, the girls, the old uncles and aunties, even the 6 year old girl sitting in front of me. Although, the guy behind me was shouting “Tiger! Fire! Tiger! Fire! Jya! Jya!” on repeat but A+ for effort.

I won’t bother on posting the setlist but I’ll talk about the performance that sticks to my mind. “Kibouteki Refrain” started playing and the whole 16 AKB girls were in a straight line from one end of the stage to the other end singing the song. As the light shines on the girls, who did I see directly in front of me, singing on the left side of the stage? It was none other than my AKB oshi, Shimada Haruka. I’m probably exaggerating but my whole worry… that whole ordeal of obstacles and happenings and shitty stuff that happened to me before the concert started? It was washed away when I saw her. All the regrets I had for the concert vanished as I watch her dancing energetically with her twin-tails bouncing around.

Sitting on the edge of the hall means I get first hand view of the trolley that the AKB members climbed in on the side. I can’t remember who was the AKB member who got it on the right side, but Yui & Ryouka was on the left. And they were so close. Suddenly my choice of sitting on the left side didn’t seem so bad. I remember Mocchi got on the trolley for the left side on one song and she was breathtakingly beautiful. Just plain gorgeous. Rena was in the center position for most of the song, which was apt considering her history with JKT48. But Naachan got the most cheer whenever she is on screen.

The MC sessions were fun and easy to follow along even though they used a mix of Japanese and Indonesians. The girls were engaging and funny. And I swear I’m not being biased, but Shimada was hilarious. She was not afraid to make fun of herself and I love when the whole hall just burst into laughter every time she shouts the word “Kurus! (Skinny)”.

The concert started with AKB then a few songs mixes AKB members with JKT members. After a few songs, JKT48 starts to perform. My attention immediately went to Team T, the newly formed team when they sang “Wink wa Sankai“. The MC after the JKT48 performance was an AKB vs JKT game which was awesome. It felt like I was watching a variety show, except in a huge hall with all my friends.

After the little competition, it was a bit of a shuffle as they mix up a few AKB and JKT members to sing songs. Mocchi stands out so much in “Blue Rose” but Naomi from JKT wasn’t about to give in. She fit in quite well with Mocchi, Chikarina and Aaya because for a second there I was wondering which AKB member was the 4th girl before I realized that she is from JKT.

Rena, Ayana & Andela performed “Heart Gata Virus” and it was clear that this is Rena’s song. The special video at the beginning of the song focused on her. Here is a girl, who traveled here and there during her childhood but somehow ended up in Jakarta. She found a home in JKT48. And it shows. The reception of fellow JKT members and the fans towards her was so apparent, it was touching. I don’t think if Haruka or Chikarina goes back to Japan would they got this level of attention. Even through her performance I could feel that she is saying to her fans, “Tadaima” or “I’m back“. I even forgot the fact that this is a 3-person unit as all my eyes could focus was on Rena at the center. Only when the other fans started chanting, “A~yana! A~yana! Ayana! Ayana!” then I realized, “Oh yeah, my JKT Oshi is in this unit too. Haha.”

Ame no Doubutsuen” was the first song that some other girl stole my attention from Shimada. Kinal was playful and energetic, teasing JKT and AKB members alike. She truly captures the spirit of the song, and I find myself difficult to stop watching her. Yui & Melody sang “Temo Demo Namida” and Yui went up the left trolley. I hate to brag but she basically sang that song while looking at me. Well, not directly at me but towards my general area.

The concert goes back to AKB performing and then back to JKT performing, with MCs to keep us entertained in the middle. The highlight for me was the last song, “Sakura no Hanabiratachi”. During MCs, the fans constantly needed reminder to be silent. Members and other fans keep shushing and telling us to keep it quiet in order to hear what the other member is saying. But not for this song. As the spotlight hits Sakiko, without anyone telling us to, the whole concert hall fell silent. She plays the first few piano notes, perfectly playing the familiar sounds of bell chiming in the beginning of Sakura no Hanabiratachi, and captivating all of us with her fingers.

Once the song start, everyone in the hall altogether started singing the lyrics in Japanese (romaji lyrics on screen helped). Every time the camera focuses on the girls, there were looks of surprise and awe. All of us were swaying our glow sticks from left to right and singing along with the girls. In that moment, it felt like all of us were one. As the song ended, I can’t help but feel teary eyed. I don’t know whether it was the lyrics of the song, indicating graduation and end of a journey as if this concert is coming to an end, or the unity of the fans and the members.

The girls bid their farewell and for the first time in this concert, I checked the time. Almost clocking 2 hours plus and I didn’t even realized it. I really enjoyed the concert but the minute the concert ends and I had two thoughts:

  1. Damn, I wished they sang “First Rabbit”
  2. Man, Shimada didn’t even get to ride that trolley thing at all (left or right side)

I was waiting for someone to start an encore shout and was glad someone started just a few minutes after the concert ended. The curtains open back again with all of them singing “After rain” followed by “10 Nen Zakura”. Then, my miracle happened. The familiar first few beats of “First Rabbit” started and I immediately recognized it. But I look on my left to find out that Shimada was on the trolley and I just lost all my shit. I think I lost my voice that night after shouting her name so much. It was a bloody perfect encore.

I managed to get a proper wifi connection after the concert ended. I met up with Mocil, Ixarus, Ryan, Araishikeiwai (Or Rick as I call him) and a few friends of theirs. I met Ryan when he came to my country a few weeks prior so there was no mystery there. But meeting Ixa, Mocil and Rick was awesome as I’ve been chatting with Ixa & Mocil in our Half48 chatroom for almost 2 years and this was the first time for me meeting them. It was the first of many for me to actually go out and meet my online friends. Before, I always hide behind my online profiles but “Half” is my first one that makes me feel that I really made a connection with people. So, I decided to break out of my comfort shell and actually meet my online friends. They were just the lucky ones to meet me first, and more in the future was yet to come.

Jakarta_IdiotsThey took me to eat Sate Padang. Which was good, because I was starving. Lucky for them, the 160,000 rupiah I had was enough for the food and the ride back home. I really didn’t want to be the asshole who borrows money the first time we meet, haha.

Jakarta_SateThe next day, I met up with Ixa and Rick again to try to get into AnDare’s recording at JKT48’s theater.

Jakarta_Idiots2Jakarta_JKT48Too bad we couldn’t get in so we opted for Japanese food instead. I’ve watched JKT48 theater before back in 2013 and I can’t remember why I didn’t apply for theater tickets on this trip. Either there was no show or I felt like I didn’t have the time.

On Sunday, I was already in an early flight back home and my 3 days in Jakarta ended quickly. Looking back, the concert was the best 3 hours of my night. And to think my flight was delayed, I had 3 hours to get to the concert, 2 of those hours was stuck in traffic, with little money, and couldn’t find my friends, feeling down as hell but the girls were so energetic and funny and amazing and it just made me feel glad that I decided to come after all.

Jakarta_FlightBetween attending the concert and actually meeting other fans, I was so glad I came. And it got me proper excited for my Japan trip in May. I will be attending my first 2-shot event and making my first trip to Japan. Just thinking about it makes me nervous and excited.

I’m back (kinda)

December 31, 2015 by

I’ve been out of the subbing world for quite a while. Even all my masterlists are not updated, not counting the ones I can rely on others to continue update it, namely my HKT48 & Nogizaka46 masterlist. It’s just that I’m so busy with my real life, probably the busiest I have ever been. I got a new job, or rather a promotion since it’s the same company albeit a different department. And thanks to this job, I’ve been able to travel to more places and afford more stuff than I ever did.

The past year of my life is filled with so many memories. I figured, since I can’t contribute to the community through subbing for now, I want to at least share my experience. I will publish it one day at a time so that I won’t bombard you with words. It’s just been a truly magical year. I’ve flown to other countries just to see idols, I fell in love with new idol groups, I met new friends, met old friends that I’ve never met, and even went to Japan for the first time.

As a teaser, here are the title of the planned posts:

  1. 20th Feb: AKB48 x JKT48 concert
  2. Pre-Japan Trip: Plannings and preparations
  3. 26th May: The land of the rising sun
  4. 27th May: Strolling around Akihabara
  5. 28th May: Half-assed tourist part 1
  6. 29th May: Half-assed tourist part 2
  7. 30th May: 2-shot event – The big day
  8. 30th May: 2-shot event – Earthquake & the aftermath
  9. 10 tips for the 2-shot event
  10. 31st May: Live PLUS Festival
  11. 1st June: Fuji Q
  12. 2nd June: The last night
  13. 6th June: Jakarta – Countdown Asia Festival Day 1
  14. 7th June: Jakarta – JKT48 & Countdown Asia Festival Day 2
  15. 28th Aug: Bangkok – The incident
  16. 29th Aug: Bangkok – What could have been
  17. 30th Aug: Bye Bye Bangkok
  18. Stella Beats
  19. 24th Oct: Kuala Lumpur – GamePlan Day 1
  20. 25th Oct: Kuala Lumpur – GamePlan Day 2
  21. 5th Dec: Kuala Lumpur – Hibiki Photosession Event
  22. The future

Yeah, you read it right. A total of 22 posts. I seriously could write a book by the end of this. So, starting tomorrow, greeting the new year is one blog post a day. Some will be short, some will be long, and some are probably gonna be super long. But all of that are my adventures, and I invite you to come and join me.

[Subbed] HKT48 Show!

January 4, 2015 by

vlcsnap-2015-01-04-10h25m06s154Does it feel too long since I released something! Well, partly because I’m a lazy bugger and partly because I feel like I’m holding on stuff for too long, I decided to give them to other subbing group so look out for more collaborations with a lot of subbing groups in the future! XD

This episode of AKB48 Show is entirely dedicated to HKT48 so when Nakama48 (a new subbing group that dedicates their time to sub AKB48 Show, check them out!) approached me to help them sub it, I can’t resist. 🙂

So here it is, in it’s 100% Honmayan glory!




Subbed AKBingo Masterlist

November 30, 2014 by

subbedSorry for the long absence. Real life got in the way and I hardly have any time left for subbing.

BUT good news! This is something I have been planning on doing for awhile so I’m glad it’s somewhat done. I had bigger visions for it but for now, I think it’s good enough for a public release. XD

So this is a complete masterlist of all the subbed AKBingo episodes I know. Some of you may have stumbled upon my GDrive masterlist of it, which is actually a reference doc I made for myself, and this site is more of what I envision of it in the first place.

For now, it’s only on my tumblr, hopefully in the near future I can figure out how to implement it on this site as well. Like I said, this is probably around 30% done, I have so much more I would like to do with it that will maybe take a much longer time. So head on to my tumblr and hopefully some of you will find this helpful.

Half-san’s Subbed AKBingo Masterlist

What are YOU doing in Japan? (Preview)

August 18, 2014 by

As you guys probably know, two of my good friends over at Aidol ( アイdol ) will be featured in next week’s “What are YOU doing in Japan?”

I’m as excited as Murashige meeting Chori after such a long time. Totally can’t wait for the real episode so here’s a teaser sub for the hearing impaired (since I’m just transcribing what they say anyway).

HKT48 130801 HL LOD 1830 (Murashige Anna Seitansai)

July 28, 2014 by


I have to say up front that this wasn’t easy. And by far the hardest and biggest thing I have ever sub. By far. And I couldn’t have make it without the help of my friends. Kinoe, who timed most of the songs and probably lifted up the most of my burden. AIDOL’s Mayuyu, my fellow Murashige oshi, who encourages me, checks my English throughout the process and also chipping in for a Vimeo Plus account so I could find a place to upload this video. KudoShinichi, who checks my Japanese and fixing my errors. Hayate, for encoding and uploading this massive video.

Finally, to the birthday girl. The sole reason why I wanted to do this. You have been through a lot this year. I saw you through the highs and the lows. Sometimes I couldn’t do much but to just cheer or cry or laugh and just hope my feelings were conveyed somehow. And throughout the whole thing, only one thing was for certain, my love for you grows stronger each and every day.

Here’s to another year full of laughter, full of joy, full of hope. May you achieve everything that you want in life. And may I be there to support you on your every way.

Happy birthday, my Russian monkey.

Torrent link
Softsubs (MC portion. Matches the raw I got from H!O)

[AIDOL + Half-Assed] HKT48 – Kireigoto Demo Ii ja nai ka

July 24, 2014 by

Kireigoto Demo Iijanaika? is a coupling song from HKT48’s 1st single, Suki! Suki! Skip! and also the song that won #8 in AKB48 Request Hour in 2014. It is the highest HKT song to rank and it features 12 KKS of HKT from 2nd Gen (who are now promoted in their own teams)

This song didn’t have a PV and their performance on AKB Show was the only time they performed in full. (They performed once in the Group Rinji concert but it wasn’t full).

So, enjoy this wonderful song that even I didn’t know about when I heard it ranked. I’m subbing this as punishment to myself.

Staff :
Translator: Half
Timer/Typeset: Kino
QC: Kudo Shinichi, lotsheep & Mayuyu

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