[Half Assed Subs] 170213 BNK48 Let’s go Tokyo EP01 (Jaa and Pun)

February 16, 2017 by

Heya everyone, long time no speak! I am Mai the other guy from Half Assed Subs. So many people asked for subbed BNK48 content, because I am Thai, so I delivewr 🙂 I subbed the first episode of a new travel-variety show [Let’s go Tokyo] starring 2 members of BNK48 Pun and Jaa. It’s the first ever full episode I subbed of anything so there are prolly many error and inconsistencies in there. Also my Thai is not the best so it will be the same Half Assed Subs quality you are used to lol. Despite that I hope you all still enjoy the sub.

I don’t think I will sub future episodes though unless something interesting happens because this show is basically a big ad for Tokyo Metro. But don’t worry, I will sub more BNK48 related content if they are more about the members 🙂

Please share this video though and spread the hype for BNK48! 😀

Link to the sub: https://www.facebook.com/HalfAssedSubs/videos/975050032625901/

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