28th Aug: Bangkok – The incident

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So, somewhere around July it was announced that AKB48 is going to appear for Japan Expo Thailand 2015. Now, I was waiting for the list of members that would be appearing for the Expo and around 1st August, the lineup was revealed.

BKK_AKB48Not bad, right? I was hoping for Shimada but I guess it was okay. But the lineup wasn’t my main reason to go. Going to the expo as well is Maicrosoft, my website administrator, my go-to IT guy, my confidante, my friend. I’ve known this guy for more than 2 years and we’ve never met. Half-assed subs wouldn’t be like it is now without him around. I would probably still be on tumblr making sub-par subs. He challenged me to do things and help spread the name of Half-assed subs. I was eager to meet the guy, and enjoy an AKB concert with him.

So, on 5th August, I booked my flight and my hotel (which is super near to the venue because I’m lazy). It was done. I’m going right after work on the 28th and coming back on the 31st of August (which was convenient because it was a public holiday in my country). Mindmix, who I met last August and Ryan, who I met last February in Jakarta was going as well. With Mai along. I didn’t felt alone and I knew I had company for the event.

BKK_Ticket However, a tragedy happened on the 17th. A bombing happened inside Erawan Shrine, near to the venue of the event. 20 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured.

To add image to the gravity of the situation, here’s a map of the venue, my hotel and the location of the bomb. Before my own safety, I was worried for the girl’s. I was half hoping they would cancel the event for their safety but the other selfish half of me hoping it would still go on as well.


The next day…

BKK_AnnouncementGood on the Japan Expo committee for postponing the event. However, I couldn’t cancel my flight. Even Mai, Mindmix & Ryan couldn’t change theirs. Changing flight dates could cause a fee that is just as much as a new ticket and not going just seemed like a waste. I could have just not go but since they were going anyway, I might as well. I canceled my hotel and booked one in theirs (hotel rooms just magically open up as available after the incident I wonder why).

So, there I was, on the 28th of August, on my way to Bangkok to meet Mai, Mix and Ryan, for yet another adventure. Except this time, there’s no idol waiting for me.


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[Half Assed] is a one person subbing team. Meaning I’m doing all the translating, timing, uploading and bullshitting in all the videos. In the video, I will sub the parts that I am very sure about and the ones I’m not sure I’ll just make up some stuff. This is where I will practice my 中途半端の日本語 (my half-assed Japanese). After all, a half-assed sub is better than no sub, right? 

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