7th June: Jakarta – JKT48 & Countdown Asia Festival Day 2

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The plan today was JKT48 theater then head back to Countdown Asia Festival! Mindmix won the same ticket as mine so I plan to meet up with him at FX for Team KIII’s “Boku no Taiyou“!

WinAnggy offered to give me a ride to FX but she’s not joining since she has class right after. I’m more of a car-person and this is basically my 2nd motorcycle ride ever in my life so yeah, I was hanging for my life here. A motorcycle ride through Jakarta’s traffic, bucket list checked.

JKT_AnggryI met up with Mindmix to redeem our tickets. Bingo starts at 11.30 so we head upstairs to the foodcourt for our own tiny Jakarta brunch.

JKT_TicketWe both had Sate Padang (I think), and talked about JKT48 while we fill up our tummies. I wasn’t familiar with Team KIII as I was more familiar with Team J. But I had watched Team KIII’s “Boku no Taiyou” 2 years ago and I remember being impressed with Yona and Sinka. I think that this setlist is a revival? I wasn’t sure. But it was interesting that I get to see the same setlist I saw 2 years ago.


Right before we went in, a group of guys stopped us and asked us to support JKT48 Team T later at Countdown Asia Festival. They gave us this free invitation so me and Mindmix just looked at each other. Score! We were planning to go there anyway but now we got free tickets for it, haha.

JKT_2nd_TicketBoku no Taiyou” was fun! I could clearly see the improvement they had since 2 years ago and Mix was thrilled that he got a live half-assed translation on-the-go for him. The first MC was easy to follow when they were talking about their favorite cookings and the second MC and after I was just as lost as him. I was impressed with Sisil, who I never noticed before. I thought she was funny and engaging, noticing me and Mix in the theater and tried talking in English (and failing). I remember I went out of the theater thinking that I might just found my Team KIII oshi.

JKT_TheaterWe head back to Countdown Asia Festival with our free tickets. Anggy, Ixa and Mocil weren’t free on that day so it was just me and Mix. We head to the Dempa booth where they had some merchandise sold.

JKT_EntranceSince the only light stick that I brought was a red JKT48 one, I thought of buying a Dempa light stick. After making sure I have enough money to get a taxi to the airport, I bought their CD and their badges as well.

JKT_GoodsBadly for me, the only Dempa song I was familiar about was W.W.D and W.W.D II. So I was following the lead of the Japanese wota that were there as well. They didn’t sing W.W.D but I really enjoyed “Neo Japanism” and they also sang their latest single, “Otsukaresama~” or rather “Otsukare Summer”. Towel waving songs are always fun. (Yes, I waved a HKT48 towel. Sue me.)

JKT_DempaI waited around till JKT48 Team T appearances. I was risking it as I was actually late for my taxi to the airport. But they were singing “Wink wa Sankai” and a song or two wouldn’t hurt me, right? After bidding Mix farewell I left him and rushed to grab a taxi. Turns out I was wrong and the prospect of me missing my flight might be real. Good thing I had a taxi driver who drives like a madman when I told him the time of my flight. Although, in his defense, all taxi drivers in Jakarta are madmen.

JKT_TeamTI managed to grab my flight with 8 minutes to spare thanks to my taxi driver. It was a close call as I had work the very next morning. It was a rushed yet awesome 2 days.

I was glad to meet Mindmix, after chatting with him for almost 2 years. And was so happy to finally meet Anggy, who I couldn’t meet the last time I went to Jakarta. It was always a fun time to meet the crazies that is Ixa and Mocil as well. It’s fun to able to watch Sousenkyo with friends, even though by “watching” it was actually just reading the ranking through Twitter and us reacting to it. And of course, to be able to see Kamen Joshi again, not to mention Dempagumi and also watch Team T’s performance and a theater show by Team KIII? I thought I made really good use of my 2 days and there was no regret whatsoever.

I went home, tired but happy. It was crazy to think that I traveled to two different countries in a span of 1 week just to see idols. From Home > Tokyo > Home > Jakarta > Home. But Tokyo and Jakarta felt like home to me in some kind of a weird way. When you have online friends from all over the world, even though you’re traveling by yourself, you’re never alone. And that what makes it feel home to me.


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[Half Assed] is a one person subbing team. Meaning I’m doing all the translating, timing, uploading and bullshitting in all the videos. In the video, I will sub the parts that I am very sure about and the ones I’m not sure I’ll just make up some stuff. This is where I will practice my 中途半端の日本語 (my half-assed Japanese). After all, a half-assed sub is better than no sub, right? 

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