1st June: Fuji Q Highland

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After 2 super fun days with idols, I didn’t want the fun to stop. Ricky wanted to go to Fuji-Q so he asked if anyone else was interested. Me, Brad, Wayne & Gert are up for it, along with other fans we found during the 2-shot event. We bought the Q-Pack that includes the bus tickets and the entrance ticket.

7thDay_TicketsNow, I’m not really good with roller coasters. But I’m not that terrified of them. So, I’m not really looking forward to roller coasters, just a fun day to hang out with my friends.

7thDay_QPackIt was a Monday on 1st June but there was quite a lot of people in Fuji-Q that day. All of us rode the same bus and we head on inside.

7thDay_FujiQWe’re join by Rick (Indonesia), Mai-chan (Malaysia), SHaihh (Germany), Kou (Australia) and Renz (Philippines) along with the AIDOL crew Gert (Netherlands), Wayne (England) and Brad (America). That’s 8 different countries coming together as friends. Pretty cool, huh.

I love how we all made Kou to check if he pass the requirement height for roller coasters. He did. Barely.

7thDay_ColinThe first roller coaster we saw was FUJIYAMA. All big and high in all its glory. I was starting to dread it.

7thDay_Fujiyama7thDay_RCSHaihh and Renz didn’t join us so we head on to ride FUJIYAMA. I love how Gert is so into it and it was the happiest I’ve ever seen him.

7thDay_GertFUJIYAMA is one of the highest roller coaster and at the peak you can actually see Mt. Fuji (which I didn’t because they took my glasses away, also because my eyes were closed). The thing about FUJIYAMA is they go so high and the first drop is so fast. Then, there was a second drop. And a third drop. A forth. Fifth. I don’t know, but by the 11th drop or so I was done. The ride felt so long. Everyone had a thrilled and happy face after the ride but I was coming down with a fever and shaky legs.

Fujiyama POV ride I grabbed from youtube.

The next roller coaster we rode was Dodonpa.7thDay_Dodonpa2Now, on the map, Dodonpa looked okay. There was only one drop which I thought I could handle after the massive FUJIYAMA that I rode. We even took note of the camera point, where Wayne suggested we do “Mentaiko” pose for it. I was game. Dodonpa and Mentaiko pose. Got it.

7thDay_DodonpaWell, let me tell you first that Dodonpa is WORSE than FUJIYAMA. Sure, there is only one drop that IS STEEP AS HELL. And the super speedy acceleration at the beginning? I think I left my heart back there at the starting point. Anyway, just look at this video that is giving me PTSD just by watching it again.

And the camera point? Wayne was shouting, “Mentaiko! Mentaiko!” and everybody got their hands up and did Mentaiko poses in time. Well, everyone except me. I was still screaming/yelling from the speed and well…

7thDay_MeI’m not even hiding my face because of privacy, I just looked really bad in it. And Wayne, the sadistic bastard that he is, bought the picture to commemorate it forever. The guys lined up for Takabisha next, which has a very steep 90 degrees drop. I NOPE the hell out of there. I was done.

We walked around to the haunted house but it was closed which saddens Renz as he was looking forward to it. But on the way there, we finally saw Mt. Fuji, shyly appearing behind the clouds.

7thDay_FujiSanWe decided to get up the ferris wheel to get a better look at Mt. Fuji.

7thDay_MtFujiIt was still a bit cloudy but the Ferris Wheel was a good ride to rest from all the crazy ones. My legs were still shaking from Dodonpa to this very day.

The boys decided to ride Panic Clock, which later turned into Panic Cock for Brad when his balls was stuck in the straps when they were high up in the air. I didn’t ride it (still traumatized from Dodonpa) but all I could see is them laughing themselves silly while still up in the air because Brad is screaming, “OW!! MY NUTS!”.

7thDay_PanicClockIt was a long day, and after a quick bite we head for the bus stop. I had a lot of fun and was being melancholy about it. Tonight would be my last night in Japan as tomorrow morning is my flight. I only have 15 hours left in Japan, and I did not want to go back home.

7thDay_OverWe waited by the bus stop for our bus and a bus heading to Hakata was there. Tomorrow, I would be leaving Japan and they would be leaving Tokyo to head to Hakata, where the Sousenkyo will be held. I really wanted to join them but I can’t. It took everything I had in me to stop myself from riding this bus to Hakata.

7thDay_HakataWe got on our bus as scheduled and Mt. Fuji finally showed up to bid goodbye to us.

7thDay_ByeIt was a long, fun and tiring day. But I didn’t want it to end. So we made plans with Souchan, Momo, Toki & Hayate to join us for Karaoke later near our apartment.

One last night in Japan and I wanted to make full use of it.


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