Pre-Japan Trip: Plannings and preparations

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As some of you know, I happen to help out AIDOL fansubs from time to time. And after a few years, I’ve grown fond of the guys over at AIDOL. We’ve always talked about the huge AIDOL2020 Japan Trip, the year that realistically everyone in the chat could gather and go to Japan together. But after watching AIDOLMayuyu & AIDOLYukirin’s trip to Japan and watching them go to the 2-shot event, I vowed to go to Japan for the next 2-shot. Little that I know, some of us were already thinking of the same thing.

Then, in late November of 2014, the dates for the 2-shots were announced and we could already start applying. It was a no-brainer, I was going. The question is, who else? AIDOLMayuyu writes these amazing guides on how to apply for 2-shots, which helped me tremendously. If anyone here has questions on how to apply for 2-shots, I can’t recommend these guides enough:

  1. 2-shot Guide Part 1
  2. 2-shot Guide Part 1.5
  3. 2-shot Guide Part 2
  4. 2-shot Payment Guide

A total of 8 of us from AIDOL was going.

  • Half – Me.
  • AIDOLYukirin – Also known as Chris or Souchan as I call him. The General Manager of AIDOL. I’m excited to meet Souchan as he is one of the few crews who aren’t afraid to make his face public. I feel like I know him even before I met him
  • AIDOLMayuyu – Or Wayne as I call him. Our love for HKT48 & Murashige connected us instantly. I think I chat with him on a daily basis. He also loves his underground idols so I can’t wait for him to show me some of the groups that he like.
  • Hayate – The other Malaysian in the group. He’s the only one in this group that I’ve met before because we live close by. Our flight is the same departing to Japan but I’ll be coming back earlier as Hayate will join the rest for Sousenkyo.
  • AIDOLKeiichi – Or Brad as I call him. He’s my go-to timer guy and we’ve worked together not only on AIDOL stuff but also for Gaki no Tsukai’s Batsu Game. Like Wayne, he is also interested in underground idols so I can’t wait to join them and meet new groups.
  • Qwink – Also known as Gert, the doctor! Gert is from Netherlands and is a pretty cool dude in the chat room (and later in Japan I found out he’s a really funny and laidback guy).
  • Toki – Also known as Tamara. She is Souchan’s girlfriend and also appeared in “What are YOU doing in Japan?” alongside Wayne & Souchan last year.
  • Momo – AIDOL’s mood-maker and pokemon trainer. Momo, Toki & Souchan are all from Germany so they would be traveling together.

I would also be meeting Rick again. And also EroGG from UKN48 & Kou from tumblr.

PreJapan_2ShotBy the end of December, we sorted out our 2-shot tickets. The hard part comes next. To sort out our flight schedules and accommodation.

Wayne predicted that the Sousenkyo would be held around 6th June, a week after the 2-shot event. So all of us planned to stay until after Sousenkyo. Wayne plans to stay for 3 weeks, Souchan, Toki & Momo for 2 weeks, while Brad, Hayate and Gert a little over 2 weeks. I was unsure, as I had just started my new job and had to ask my boss first before I buy my flight tickets.

What I feared happened. As my boss only allowed me to have my leave for only 1 week. I could leave Friday night on the 29th May and still attend Sousenkyo on 6th June and leave Japan on 7th June. But I was scared I was cutting it close to the date. Plus, nothing about the Sousenkyo was confirmed by that point. So I made up my mind to arrive at the same date with everyone else, on the 26th of May. Leaving Japan just a few days shy of Sousenkyo.

The rest of the gang continues to plan without me. Some of them wants to head out to Nagoya after Sousenkyo. During this time, HKT announced their new concert dates, there’s one on 31st March, in Hokkaido. I asked Wayne, the only other HKT48 oshi if he’s willing to follow me. He was open for it, and I thought if I can’t make it to Sousenkyo then I’m sure as hell making it to the HKT concert.

But being the idiot that I am, I missed the application date. Thus, leaving my 31st Mar free once more. Wayne suggested that we go for Passpo’s concert and that plan fell apart as well. Finally, Brad suggested that we go to Live PLUS Festival on 31st May, an event that gathers all the underground idols.


My itinerary is fully packed from 30th May (2-shot event) till the day I leave. I decided to follow Brad & Wayne to Live PLUS Festival on 31st May. Souchan & Hayate will be attending SKE48 handshake event on the same day. And on 1st June, some of us will head to Fuji-Q, before I fly off on 2nd June.

So, our dates are basically set. Next step, accommodation.

It was hard. I’m not gonna lie. To find a good place, that could fit all of us, but cheap enough so some of us could afford it. It wasn’t crucial that we stay together but we wanted a place that we all could hang out together. It also seemed that we like the idea of having a slumber party every night, haha. Most of us haven’t met each other but we were excited at the prospect of it. Wayne found a good one on airbnb that consist of a 3 unit apartment in the same building. It was affordable, near a train station, near to Akihabara and after many many many accommodation suggestions, it was the first one that we all agreed upon.

I spend almost four thousand ringgit just before the trip, between paying for my flight, the 2-shots tickets (and shipping), the accommodation and also the 7-days pocket wi-fi I bought. It was only January, but we sorted out our flight dates, sorted out our 2-shot tickets, and sorted out our accommodation. It was hard but we finally did it.


And then March happened. The dates of Sousenkyo was announced and as expected, it will be held on 6th June. But something threw a wrench in the plan, it was the venue of the Sousenkyo. It will be held in Fukuoka.

I wasn’t affected, since I’ll be leaving before Sousenkyo. But I pity my friends who already paid for the accommodation in Tokyo. Maybe we were too prepared and jumped the gun on paying for our accommodation so early. Wayne (Truly, this guy is a hero) manage to sort out the accommodation and after I leave Japan, the rest will be flying out to Fukuoka.

Every time I open up our chat group, my heart sinks in because they are planning their Fukuoka itinerary. I was jealous and truly wanted to join them but I can’t. The first 7 days in Japan (aka my whole Japan trip) was already planned out and there was nothing I could contribute to their planning in Fukuoka anyway.

Besides packing, there was nothing else for me to do. All I could do was wait for the big day, and the panicking starts to set in. I was about to go on a trip to meet idols, flying off to a country that I have never been before, and to stay with friends that I have never met. Out of the crazy things I have done, this is the craziest.


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[Half Assed] is a one person subbing team. Meaning I’m doing all the translating, timing, uploading and bullshitting in all the videos. In the video, I will sub the parts that I am very sure about and the ones I’m not sure I’ll just make up some stuff. This is where I will practice my 中途半端の日本語 (my half-assed Japanese). After all, a half-assed sub is better than no sub, right? 

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