[Half_Assed] HKT48 – Ima Kimi wo Omou

April 20, 2014 by

A farewell song for Chori (And Tani) performed live during the last day of Team H’s Hakata Legend. It’s a sweet song that I feel needs to be shared. Enjoy. 🙂

Special thanks to KudoShinichi and Mayuyu from AIDOL for their help and advice for this song.

Brought to you by [Half-assed Subs], I do karaoke now.

About the author: Half

[Half Assed] is a one person subbing team. Meaning I’m doing all the translating, timing, uploading and bullshitting in all the videos. In the video, I will sub the parts that I am very sure about and the ones I’m not sure I’ll just make up some stuff. This is where I will practice my 中途半端の日本語 (my half-assed Japanese). After all, a half-assed sub is better than no sub, right? 

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