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Secret of the Nogizaka46 logo

April 23, 2014 by

Originally I just wanted to keep this a fun post on Facebook page, but since it got pretty popular I thought I should also add it here on the site for the rest of the world to enjoy who never frequent Facebook.

Anyways, this is the story. At first I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently everyone I tell about doesn’t know this. Everyone should know this, so I’ll tell you now. The thing is that Nogizaka46’s logo’s corner is exactly 46 degrees. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the logo for the first time. I was like, hmm that’s prolly not 45 degrees judging by their name.

This level of detail is really awesome though! I really love “hidden” things like this 😀

[Half_Assed] HKT48 130919 HHL LOD (Haruppi’s BD)

April 19, 2014 by

This is a favor for Team Cwush since they requested it a loooooong time ago, I just had the time to do it. It’s a really great video for Haruppi’s fans, to get a better insight of what she’s thinking. And maybe gather a few votes for her for this election? For more Haruppi’s discussion do check out her thread on Stage48.

Again, some lines I’m not sure of so I’m giving this a 90% “Honmayan” and 10% “Zettai uso ya wa”. XD

Brought to you by [Half-assed Subs], subs you can’t trust.

Yuria and The Evil Seven: Epilogue

April 5, 2014 by

Thought last week was the last chapter? Well, it actually was but for once again it’s Story Saturday! 😀 In this very last installment of Yuria and The Evil Seven the story will be wrapped up for you in a nice epilogue. Please enjoy, and if you liked the fanfic please leave some comments for Half san, the author of this story! 😀

“A year passed after Yuria and the Gang defeated the numbers. Catch up with Kuumin and Yuria in this final chapter. Thanks for reading!”

To read the the fan fiction, follow this link below!