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I didn’t had proper internet connection for a week so I may be late in having my say in this. But I still feel like commenting on it. So here are my thoughts on the reformation (especially about HKT48).

Aside from the overseas group, HKT didn’t actually changed a lot after the reformation. The promotions stayed the same with the addition of Maikomu (yay!), Manamin (awesome!), and the two top of 3rd Gen, Nako and Miku. With the spotlight on them, I feel like it’s a perfect time to promote them. I was hoping Raira would get promoted as well but maybe her time is still not here. (Crossing fingers they are holding Raira back to make her Captain of Team T)

The post of Vice Captaincy was added as well. With Natsu helping Cap on Team H, which I thought is well deserved. Natsu has always been the helper in teams, making sure everything stays in order. There’s probably won’t be any change to her role here, just the addition of the “official title”. Team KIV’s Captain is still Lovetan with Sakura as her Vice Captain. For me, I thought it was a little strange since Sakura has a concurrency with AKB now, they could have chosen a full HKT member like Minazou or Riinu. But Sakura’s good as well, I could see her helping out Lovetan on KIV.

Non’s concurrency from SKE48 is something I look forward to! A concurrency between sister groups is actually something I’ve been waiting for a long time, and I couldn’t ask for a better member to be HKT’s 1st concurrent member. Despite being the experienced senior, she’s still young so she’ll fit it quick. And hopefully, this will work out well for HKT48 as a whole too.

And now we approach the topic of Tani and Chori. *inhales deep breath*

chori akb
I don’t mind concurrency. You go away, you learn something but you come back home. It’s a win-win situation for me with concurrencies. But transfers… it just means your allegiance lies somewhere else now. Chori and Tani will no longer participate in HKT events, in HKT future singles, in HKT shows and even though this is a good move for them individually, I hate to admit that it still pains me.

tani ske
They’re both adults, and even though it can seem like the management just orders them to move, I know it wasn’t as simple as that (I HOPE it wasn’t as simple as that). They must have known this days or weeks prior, it’s not something you do on a whim. There’s living conditions to figure out, contract agreements to discuss, so deep down, I want to believe that they made a conscious decision to agree with transferring. And it’s not bad. Chori will learn significantly more in AKB with more experienced members than her. And so will Tani in SKE.

I don’t worry about them fitting in. They have enough brightness in them to shine the whole team. Moving to a larger group will be beneficial to the both of them. It will all turn out fine, they’ll definitely learn and experience more things but there’s a spot in my heart that can’t help but be sad. Sad because HKT is losing two of their best performers. Sad because they are separated from HKT. Sad because they are separated from each other. I’m happy for them, honestly I am, this is a huge chance for them. But I can’t help to be sad as well. So for now, I’ll smile. And cry. For I am truly conflicted about it.

sakura teama
Let’s start with Sakura, shall we? Concurrency with Team A. Awesome. Chori is there, so there’s a sense of familiarity, I guess? Plus, Sakura has been in AKB Senbatsu before so she knows most of the members. I feel like I always worry if the girls are fitting in, haha. I don’t really worry or care about who is center, who stands where etc. My eyes will probably avert to Sakura anyway in performances. :p So my stand is, Sakura in Team A is an awesome thing.

Haruppi in K! OH MY GOD. LET ME TALK ABOUT TEAM K. Okay, Team K is my favorite team in AKB, it always has been. So, for the reformation to (kinda) started because Yuko is graduating and they didn’t know what to do with Team K, I (kinda) developed this feeling of reluctance towards the reformation. But then as I was reading the updated members list, Yui back in K as captain (omg yes), Tano and Moe in K (yessss), Haruppi concurrency in K (yesss!!!), YAMAMOTO SAYAKA concurrency in K (HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING OH MY GOD YESSS) was basically my reaction to it all.

In fact, I was so happy about the new Team K, I actually forgot about my one-man team “SHIMADA AS CAPTAIN” campaign. I guess, as Team K Oshi, I was really sad about the lack of confidence the management had in the old Team K, but Sayanee in K just conquers every single thought I had and will ever have. It’s like Aki-P is saying, “Half, we think your Team K lacks some star power, so here’s Sayanee.” I’M MAD AT YOU AKI-P, BUT I’LL TAKE IT. I HATE YOU AND I LOVE YOU. ARGH.

EDIT: I forgot to write about Mio! Hahahaha! I told you Sayanee is invading every single thought I have. But what can I write about Mio though? Like K, Team B is getting a chunk of star power with the inclusion of Ikoma Rina, Maachun and Mayuyu is back in B too. I still believe the phrase of “Surrounding yourself with awesome people makes you awesome as well.” (I may have made up that phrase 2 minutes ago) but I hate repeating myself with she’ll learn a lot from the more experienced seniors. Maybe Maachun would teach Mio an impersonation or two. The only thing I would fear is Mocchi’s harassment. I think Team B is good for Mio.

And now we move on to SKE48. Out of the HKT members I wouldn’t have imagine Boss could actually get concurrency so I’m really happy for her! Even though she probably wanted to be in NMB, ahaha. Tani is there, albeit she’s in a different team. Nishishi could help Boss with her transition there too, in fact Sasshi probably have texted her already for her help. XD There’s a lot to learn in SKE, they arguably have the best performances especially dance wise, and Boss could learn a thing or two with her MC skills from Nishishi & Mikitty in Team S. Not to mention we have Milky & Jurina in the same team. So, I would definitely be around to watch that.

Finally, Murashige. I have been CALLING on this for the longest time! The number one reason why I wanted a concurrency between sister groups so much is for this to happen! I feel like Aki-P is spying in my dream. And to make it even more epic he put in Yukirin in Team N as well. And transfer Keira into Team N too. Which is perfect since Murashige and Keira are already familiar with each other, not to mention her NMB bestie Shuu will be there too even though she’s in another team.

Murashige in NMB would definitely help her hone her comedic skill and her performances. And her craziness level is just on par with NMB48. Imagine Murashige harassing Sayanee or the other NMB members. It will be amazing. I have so much hope with this concurrency. I look forward to it.

All in all, I actually like this shuffle. Sure, there were a few iffy moments (including Nogizaka46 in it, making Sae as SKE captain, all the transfers) but I have to say the good things outnumbered the bad ones by quite a lot. It was pretty obvious they’re trying to mash up everything, make it more “48 group” rather than separate it into their own groups. It’s too early to tell anything anyway, let’s wait a few months down the road and see if this “Reformation” helps the group as a whole. Elections this year will certainly be interesting to say the least. I’m curious to know how the girls will cope up with this new challenge, and I would definitely be there watching and supporting them.

And lastly I would just like to give a personal message for NMB48 fans. You got a special and wonderful girl in your group now. Please take care of her.

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  1. Saki

    i have exactly the same thought as you for tani and chori. for hkt, i will say this is a good shuffle. and one of the thing i’m looking frward to the most is kanon in hkt >.<


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