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Today, Abe Kyoka graduates from HKT48. I figured I’d write a small article about her so that fans of her can reminisce her time in HKT48. And for those who barely knew her, this is for you to find out what a wonderful girl she is. 

Abe Kyoka’s nickname is Kyoka. She’s also known as Abekkori, a name inspired by her love of broccoli. At a height of 174cm, she is the tallest in HKT48. She loves sweets and sleeping. She even credits sleeping and eating a lot of sweets as the secret to her height, actually reaching 170cm when she was in 6th grade of elementary school (12 years old). Her favorite animal is the pig, hence she collects a lot of pig dolls, a hobby she shares with Tomonaga Mio. Both of them have a picture of a pig as their phone wallpaper.

She’s also good friends with Moriyasu Madoka, whom she got along even during the auditions. Kyoka and Madoka (or more commonly known as AbeMori) are often seen hanging around with each other, even on off days. She also appeared on stage for Madoka’s birthday, even though she wasn’t scheduled for it, and wrote a birthday letter as well.


She was initially very quiet and awkward. Not saying much when she appeared on television or media. But the stage, HKT48’s theater, that’s where she shines. Throughout August and September, she started to imitate other people’s catchphrases and made it into her own, most of the time using the word broccoli. Her trademark “Ufufufu” giggle is anticipated by fans every time she appears. DreamingPebbles from Stage48 made a compilation video of her catchphrases which is a must see.

She’s a bit of an airhead or a scatterbrain. One time, on a flight, she had a dream that she was on a plate and was falling off. She screamed loudly, “Dangerous!!” in her dream. Little did she know the other members (and everyone else on the plane) heard her because she yelled it loudly in real life too. She actually woke them all up because they were sleeping. XD

Kyoka also has a Corgi (who is just as much of an airhead as she is) that goes by the name Pyonta, who is now 13 years old. Pyonta appeared on the Melon Juice special video where Kyoka was teaching him tricks ( he did everything but roll over ). It wasn’t an easy feat, as is evident in her G+ video a few months before.

Abe & Pyonta

Based on other member’s G+, it’s well known that Kyoka is kind and full of smiles. Willing to help others, be it by teaching dance choreography or just cheering someone up when they’re down. Alongside Fukugawa Mai and Imade Mina, they were the three 1st Gen members that were not promoted into Team H. Some may say she is graduating because of her frustration of not being promoted into a team. Some are saying it’s because her path in HKT48 is limited. Who knows really? All I know is she has set a new career path in mind, and that is modelling. Something she already has experience in, even before her time in HKT48.

Abe Grad

You may think her role is small in HKT48, but I realize one thing after watching idols for 8 years. No idol is too small and no role is unimportant. It’s not the popularity that matters, it’s the idol herself. Every idol has touched one or two lives during their years and she has definitely touched mine. I wish her all the best in her modelling career and she will always, always, be part of the 1st generation of HKT48. That fact will never change. Abe Kyoka, you will sorely be missed.

Once again, congratulations on your graduation and thank you for everything.


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