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Half Assed Janken Live Stream Event!

September 16, 2013 by

Heya you Half Assed fans! I have something nice to announce regarding to the 4th AKB48 Janken Tournament Live event on September 18, 2013 19:00 ~ 20:54 JST! We are going to hold a chat when the event airs and if everything goes as planned, we will also have a live stream of the event! 😀

Before I continue with further details, we call this the Half Assed Janken Live Stream Event because we can only offer a live stream of Fuji TV. Fuji TV will only be airing the 2nd half of the tournament, which we personally don’t mind because that’s definately the most important part of the event. The first half will only be aired on Hikari TV which we don’t have a stream for, mainly because it’s pay tv.

If you remember from last live stream even during the elections, we used a very nice and handy page with a stream and chat and twitter feed on one page. We are going to use that exact same page again!

If you are curious or just wanna check if the stream works for you beforehand, please go ahead! 😀 You can find the Live Event Center over here:

So yeah, I’m inviting you to join us watching the 2nd half of the 2013 AKB48 Janken Tournament Live while you have a nice chat with us. I should mention the date and time again; September 18, 2013 19:00 ~ 20:54 JST. Of course me (Mai) and Half will also be there to join you with the discussion. See you then! 😀

PS: If you need a good timezone converter, stop looking for it because here is the useful one for you.

Final thoughts

September 1, 2013 by

This is my final day of appeal before the polls are closed. Thus, my last HKT appeal post for this battle.

I have wrote long and hard on why HKT48 deserve your vote. Some are funny, some are trollish, some has silly pictures and some has fake videos. But not this one.

This last post? This one is from the heart.

The truth is I don’t know why I’m so enamored by HKT48. It’s probably their freshness that reminds me of early AKB48. Or maybe their various interesting personality that makes me love every single one of the members. It could probably be the fact that every time I watch them, I grin like a little idiot. And if one of them cry out of frustration, tears start to build in my eyes too. Who knows really? I just love them. I do.

The original plan was that AIDOL’s Bo-chan wanted to have one month as the subbing period. But lotsheep, KudoShinichi and me, all three of us knew there’s not much that can be done in one month. We would probably have only 3-4 subbed videos. At most is 5 videos. So all of us agreed to up the stakes. All of us agreed 3 months is a good time period if we want to introduce our favorite group to other fans.

I can’t force you to vote for HKT48. I can’t force you to watch 3 months full of HKT shows. I can just plead you to give them a chance. 3 months of HKT48 will pass by quickly and hopefully when the 3 months is up, some of you would pay attention to these girls.

HKT48 may not have perfect dancing. Some of them might not be good singers. Only a handful of them are funny enough to handle a variety show. Some are too loudspoken and some girls are too softspoken. They may not be balanced and they may not be the best. As of yet, some of you may think HKT has many flaws compared to other groups. To be honest, HKT48 is not perfect.

But I don’t want perfection. I want to see my idols grow up. I want to see my idols learn from their mistakes. I want to see my idols improve herself. I don’t need perfection. I need an idol who tries her best and in turn makes me want to try my best too. And that’s why I think HKT48 deserve your vote. Because they are not perfect but they try damn hard to be. And I want everyone to see it. I want everyone to know these girls like I do.

Whatever the results are after the votes is revealed, I’m just glad I get to hijacked AIDOL page for a week to promote my Hakata girls. To all of you who read my post, thank you for this past week. Thank you for all the comments and the sharing. And a huge thank you to the voters.

Lotsheep and KudoShinichi, thank you for being such worthy opponents.