[HakataFTW] Ima ga Ichiban

August 27, 2013 by

I find that there’s no better way to tell people to vote for HKT48 other than doing a fake video so here it is.

Also, introducing the AIDOL staff for my HKT48 army. Our team consists of me, Ale, mahousentai, Momo, KKS Haru and MAIcrosoft at this moment. All of them love HKT48 and would love to see them win. They will also help me with promoting and giving suggestions for my appeal posts. 😀

To those that haven’t voted or confused on who to vote for, please wait until the end of my appeal period. Give me a chance to change your mind if you’re not planning to vote for HKT48. Remember, your votes can influence the path that AIDOL will take in the next three months.

Voting for HKT48 will not only give them more exposure, but will also create new fans. Who knows? When the three months is up, HKT48 might have a big enough fanbase so that other subbing group will start translating HKT48 as well. For the ones that have voted HKT48 so far, I can’t thank you enough.

About the author: Half

[Half Assed] is a one person subbing team. Meaning I’m doing all the translating, timing, uploading and bullshitting in all the videos. In the video, I will sub the parts that I am very sure about and the ones I’m not sure I’ll just make up some stuff. This is where I will practice my 中途半端の日本語 (my half-assed Japanese). After all, a half-assed sub is better than no sub, right? 

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