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Every week there’s new comedian guest so every week I’ll try to do research about them to know more about what they say and what are their gags. I think the number of research I did on Dachou Club just made me an expert on them. XD

Anyway, it was too long to explain in the video so here are a compilation of gags they did on the show (they have lots more gags).

Dachou Club’s gags

  1. Monsieur Horny (Musshu muramura)
    Usually this gag is done in front girls who wear swimsuits as a sign of worship or something.
  2. Jump gag
    Ueshima will get angry, snap, and stomp his feet resulting in everyone to slightly jump up. He did it in AKB’s 2011 Kouhaku during the MC segment between HKT and JKT if I remember correctly.
  3. Go ahead gag (Douzo! Douzo!)
    Considerably one of their famous gags and has been impersonate by many members (HKT even did it in Hyakkaten episode where Milky was guest). It will start by a situation (usually volunteering to eat hot oden) with Ueshima refusing to do it, then other people will start raising their hand to do it. When Ueshima finally raises his hand, everyone will go “Douzo! Douzo!” making him do it. Douzo can also mean something like “Please, by all means” but I decided with “Go ahead!” which go smoothly with the scene.
  4. Sorry~ Cha Cha Cha Cha Chinese! (Gome~n Chai Chai Chai Chai Chainiisu)
    Usually a gag that is used to apologize for something.
  5. Barricade! Wasshoi! Wasshoi! (Barikeedo~! Wasshoi! Wasshoi!)
    Can’t seem to find any info on this since they rarely use this gag.
  6. Point getter
    The only info I can find about this one is that it was used in this show. I seriously don’t know how to use this gag. I’m assuming Ueshima just asked Mio to do one of his old gags or he just created it on the fly. XD
  7. Hot bath
    Arguably their most famous gag (Aside from Douzo! Douzo!).

The pattern is almost the same which is:

  • Testing the water’s temperature by splashing it to other people
  • Climb it while telling people not to push
  • When he shouts “DEFINITELY DO NOT PUSH”, he gets pushed
  • Gets out of the water, and say a funny one-liner

For this episode, he did their “Happy turn” gag after he gets out of the water.
“Happy turn” is actually a rice cracker snack in Japan, and it was sold when Japan had economically made a comeback for itself. Hence, the name “Happy turn” (A happy turn/comeback)

Phew. That took me awhile. Why can’t they come up with simple shows like Nogibingo. ^^;

Anyway, the first part of this show is the talk segment and there are some parts I really didn’t know what they are talking about so anytime you see a mention of Sasshi’s scandal that part is not true. XD

This video gets a rating of 70% “Honmayan” and 30% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

4 thoughts on “[Half_Assed] 130702 HKT48 Tonkotsu Maho Shoujo Gakuin ep01

    1. Half San Post author

      No problem. ^^ 
      I get frustrated myself if there’s anything I don’t understand so I try to look it up if possible. 😀

  1. mompirri59

    hello half-san, thanks for all your work, we owe you so much, i just wanted to ask or more like notice you, that the link to the raw is missleading, it shows one of nogibingo :P, im very interested in this HKT48 show, thank you! 🙂

  2. JOELicious

    Half-san, is the hardsub link broken?
    Feel i want to have some nostalgic memory with HKT48 show, but i can’t find video again 🙁
    If it possible, can you repair the link, or maybe give the link? or if posting direct link is forbidden, can you send it by mail? or by google docs maybe?
    I want to rewatch it so bad 🙁


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