Half48 Image Manipulation Club!

July 2, 2013 by

Heya everyone! We have something new again! 😀 I have this tumblr account laying around and I figured that it would just be a waste to leave this laying around! Since we are doing a lot of image manipulation lately I thought heck why not use it for all of those? XD It’s a much better place to post them than on facebook, twitter or on the main site. All the manipulations I have done before are on the tumblr account and all new ones are to follow there! If you are not a fan of tumblr, do not fear! Tumblr supports auto posting to Facebook and Twitter, so I will make use of that form now on! 😀 Anyways, have fun browsing our current image manipulation collection and expect much more to come in the future! 😀

Visit the Half48 Image Manipulation Club on Tumblr at http://half48.tumblr.com/

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