Half Assed Senbatsu 2013 RESULTS!

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Konnichiha everybody! It’s finally over and revealed! Yesterday after the real elections we also held our Half Assed Senbatsu event where we revealed our own senbatsu live from our Chat room! I am going to wrap everything up from our live event and give you the results and all. From the last place till the 21st place it will be boring but from there on it will get more and more interesting, believe me XD

Did not rank

#36. NMB48 Team N | Ogasawara Mayu | 9 Votes
#35. HKT48 Team H | Kodama Haruka | 10 Votes
#35. NMB48 Team M | Kinoshita Momoka | 10 Votes
#33. SKE48 Team KII | Suda Akari | 11 Votes
#32. HKT48 Team H | Nakanishi Chiyori | 12 Votes
#31. HKT48 Team H | Motomura Aoi | 13 Votes

#30. HKT48 Team H | Moriyasu Madoka | 14 Votes
#29. AKB48 Team B | Yamauchi Suzuran | 15 Votes
#29. SDN48 / AKB48 Team K | Ohori Megumi | 15 Votes
#27. HKT48 Team KKS | Tani Marika | 17 Votes
#27. SKE48 Team KII | Takayanagi Akane | 17 Votes

#25. HKT48 Team KKS | Tashima Meru | 20 Votes
#24. HKT48 Team H | Ueki Nao | 22 Votes
#23. HKT48 Team H | Tomonaga Mio | 25 Votes
#22. HKT48 Team H | Tanaka Natsumi | 26 Votes
#21. HKT48 Team H | Miyawaki Sakura | 31 Votes

Everyone onward are ranked in and will have a Haiku!

Half Assed Lastie

#20~#20 [Half Assed Lastie] ●Center● wins A subbed 10 seconds video

#20 ● AKB48 Team A | Kawaei Rina | 33 Votes

Haste and Waste, her friends
Famous as Baka center
My Half Assed Lastie

Half Assed Nexties

#19~#16 [Half Assed Nexties] ●Center● wins A subbed 1 minute video

#19 AKB48 Team K | Hirata Rina | 36 Votes

She speaks in English
Charm us into voting her
Hirata Rina

#18 SNH48 | Miyazawa Sae | 44 Votes

Has no work permit
Still wants to go to Shanghai
Sae is too cool

#17 AKB48 Team A | Shinoda Mariko | 49 Votes

The oldest member
But youngest in heart and soul

#16 NMB48 Team N | ● Yamamoto Sayaka | 52 Votes

The coolest captain
My Half Assed Under Center
Big boob Sayanee

Half Assed Lastie

#15~#10 [Half Assed Unders] ●Center● wins A subbed 3 minutes video

#15 AKB48 Team KKS | Minegishi Minami | 54 Votes

Shaved her hair away
Wore her wig the past few months
Like her short hair more

#14 AKB48 Team B | Shimazaki Haruka | 56 Votes

I tried stealing votes
But her army is too strong
Salty Paruru

#13 HKT48 Team H | Murashige Anna | 62 Votes

Guigui all the time
My number one oshimen
Russian monkey

#12 AKB48 Team K | Shimaza…… Shimada Haruka | 65 Votes

Ignored in real rank
But Half will take care of you
Come here, Shimada

#11 AKB48 Team K | Itano Tomomi | 77 Votes

Graduating soon
To focus on her solo
Duck lips Tomochin

#10 JKT48 Team J | ● Takajo Aki | 79 Votes

Hail from Jakarta
The first Pokemon idol
It is Akichar

Half Assed Senbatsu

#09~#01 [Half Assed Senabtsu] ●Center● wins A subbed 5 minute video

Everyone onward are ranked in Half Assed Senbatsu and will also have a speech! (YES you read that right a speech LOL!)

#10 AKB48 Team K | Oshima Yuko | 117 Votes

Her favorite things
Oppai and Oshiri
Oshima Yuko

Yuko: I’m so thankful to everyone who voted for me.
Yuko: Even tho I lost to Sasshi in the real election.
Yuko: At least I made it into Senbatsu even in the half-assed one.
Yuko: Oshiri :3

#9 HKT48 Team H | Anai Chihiro | 138 Votes

Ponkotsu Captain
Plays guitar in Hyakkaten
To impress people

Anai: I am so happy right now
Anai: People keep telling me that I’m Ponkotsu
Anai: But I made it into Half-assed senbatsu
Anai: *plays Eien Pressure on her guitar*
Half: Okay, Anai. You can stop playing now.

Half Assed 7 (HAS)

#7 AKB48 Team A | Takahashi Minami | 141 Votes

Her quote is famous
Effort will be rewarded
It’s Takamina

Takamina: *crying*
Takamina: *crying*
Takamina: Hard work will always be rewarded
Takamina: Always.
Takamina: *crying*
*give tissue to Takamina*

#6 AKB48 Team K / SKE48 Team S | Matsui Jurina | 149 Votes

Ultimate jailbait
Mature way beyond her years
Jailbait Jurina

Jurina: One two three four all together now
Jurina: Five Six Seven Eight Jailbait Jurina~
Jurina: I think it’s amazing that I got the same place in the real election and here in half assed senbatsu
Half: Is that all, Jurina?
Jurina: Yes.
Half: Okay.

#5 HKT48 Team H | Sashihara Rino | 164 Votes

I love to tease her
Still cannot believe she won
Hetare Sasshi

Sasshi: Ehhhhhhhh~~
Sasshi: I still can’t believe it
Sasshi: But at least I still rank higher than Yuko even in half assed election
Sasshi: Next year AKB’s documentary will be all about me!!
Sasshi: *evil laugh*

#4 HKT48 Team H | Kojima Haruna | 255 Votes

Who can forget her?
Her garter belt still haunts me.
Sexy Kojima.

Kojiharu: I made it into Half Assed 7 😀
Kojiharu: I love this Half Assed Sousenkyo more than the real one 😀
Kojiharu: Mocchi, no! Stop eating my ear!
*Half drags Mocchi out of the chatroom*

#3 SKE48 Team E | Kinoshita Yukiko | 3292 Votes

Top in the prelims
The lovely half spanish girl
Third place is Yukko

Yukko: I didn’t rank in the real election so this was a surprise for me
Yukko: I would like to thank that one person who dedicatedly voted for me day and night
Yukko: Chao!
Half: Yukko, it’s Ciao not Chao.

#2 SKE48 Team E | Matsui Rena | 4024 Votes

Gentle like flower
But laugh like Gekikara
You will shit your pants

Rena: *laughs like gekikara*
Rena: Nee, okotteru?
Rena: *laughs*
Half: Okay…. Rena… *back away slowly*

#1 AKB48 Team A | ● Kikuchi Ayaka | 6137 Votes

The biggest comeback
Hard to beat power voters
Center, Ayarin

Ayarin: This is amazing.
Ayarin: Scandal sasshi wins the real election, and scandal me won here.
Ayarin: This year is the year of the scandals!
Ayarin: Thank you, power voters!!
Half sits in center seat
Half laughing from center seat

Half: hahahahhaa
Half kills all the commentator
Mai: Best ending evah! 8-D

That’s it you guys! 😀 I hope you enjoyed the results and I’m pretty sure we will hold this even again next year! Look forward to see the prizes coming, aka the subbed videos for the centers! I’d like to thank Half for subbing the videos and all the crazy stuff around it XD I’d also like to thank everyone who participated, read, enjoyed, whatever-ed Half Assed Senbatsu 2013! See you next year! 😀

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