Tutorial: How configure mIRC to chat on #half48

May 18, 2013 by

It seems like you guys are loving the chat and because of that I felt like writing this tutorial. The chat is actually an “IRC channel”, which is a type of chat room that is commonly used.

If you just want to share a few words the fancy chat widget works fine on our chat page, but if you want to idle, stay on the chat longer, get general chat notifications or notifications if someone types your name? You are better off with an “IRC client” for that, such as “mIRC” which is the most popular IRC client ever!

This article is a step by step tutorial on how to install and setup mIRC for the #half48 chat. Happy chatting and idling with us and all of the Half Assed fans around the world! 😀

1. Get the latest verison of mIRC from this link:

2. Install it and make sure you also mark the “Scripts” checkbox at the Choose Components screen during mIRC Setup.


3. Once in mIRC fill in your Nickname and the Alternative (this is especially for when your Nickname is already taken) and click OK.


4. Click on the link below


5. Choose “Change servers and join the channel”


6. Chat! 😀

You can follow the next steps to automatically join our channel everytime you connect after starting mIRC.

7. Make sure you are in the #half48 channel first and click on “Add to favourites…” under the Favourites menu


8. Be sure to check “Join on connect” and click OK.


You can also optionally change the Description to just “Half48.net” or something else. It just looks nicer than the default long ass channel topic title :p

9. Everytime you start mIRC, just click the Connect button and mIRC will automatically join our channel!


After all of this it is also possible to customize mIRC with custom colours positions and stuff!

10. You can customize mIRC to your hearts content! Look under Tools -> Options to find what you can customize. This is how my mIRC looks like. Also before you mention this, yes I am on too many channels and servers LOL!


If you want further assistance in how to customize mIRC and do certain things, I’d recommend you to join the channel and ask me because I am happy to help! You can also try google for searching how to do certain things in mIRC. mIRC is used by millions of people so you’ll probably find what you want without too much trouble! 🙂

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