Welcome to Half48.net; Worlds only Half Assed 48 Groups community!

May 16, 2013 by

Hello everyone and welcome to our new site! After convincing and helping out Half San to have a Half Assed Subs Facebook page I also convinced him to get a full fledged website, and here it is!

We did a little “upgrade” though, as you can see we are Half48 now! This is because we want to provide you entertainment in more ways than usual! Don’t worry about Half Assed Subs because they will still be released at the same rate you are used to, but Half Assed Subs is now a section of the site.

Next to Half Assed Subs there are many fun things to do on this site! You can comment on blog posts/releases with Disqus, easily Share blog posts and releases with your Facebook, Twitter and Gugutasu (G+ lol) , post and reply on our very own forum, have a chat with other Half Assed fans around the world, and trust me; there will be a lot more in the future!

For the people who are thinking “Oh jeez just another of those AKIBA communities?”, believe me; we are quiet different from the others. Our humor and its level is (not per se better) very very different from other communities. Maybe that will make you come back :p

At last I will also properly introduce myself. I’m known as MAIcrosoft on the interwebs, but many people still call me by my real name which is Mai. As Half San has stated before that he doesn’t really need any help, I seemed to manage to slip into Half Assed Subs. He might not know it yet himself, but hereby I declare myself officially as Half Assed 2nd Gen :p I will probably not subbing though, because my Japanese is even worse than Half San‘s and we have to rename it to something like Quarter Assed Subs or something lower than that. So what am I good for? You are looking at the result right now since I made this site :p

Enough talk for now. I hope you will all enjoy this new place and please look forward to all the fun upcoming activities! 🙂

PS: You might want to check our first special event/opening event; Half Assed Senbatsu Sousenkyo!


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