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121118 HaKaTa Hyakkaten ep07

December 7, 2012 by



Dear HaKaTa Hyakkaten, how can you show me this in the previews..


… and not showing it in the actual episode? How dare you!

This is going to end up in the DVDs right? You money grabber you.

This episode is definitely the longest I ever sub something. First half was awesome with Mocchi’s pervertness but the second half was just a lot of talking. That took awhile. A long while.

Also, Lovetan is joining us from this episode onward.

Just one note, Chin chin densha is actually a tram/streetcar that got its name because of the bell that it rang (hence the “chin chin” or “ding ding/ding dong”). But “chin chin” is also a slang word for male genitalia. That’s why I translated it as such (you’ll find out when you watch). Kojiharu used to say it in Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku.

Upcoming episodes have Akicha, Milky and Sayaka coming. I personally can’t wait for Sayaka’s episode! Finally, new Hyakkaten episode next week!

For the first time, my sub is not the most ridiculous thing in HaKaTa Hyakkaten. Thank you, Mocchi and your wonderful ear fetish.

I rate this sub 100% “Hentai Mocchi”.

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121109 SHUKAN AKB ep170

December 5, 2012 by

I’m releasing this one first. Thanks for being patient with me. As a reward, I’m gonna release the Hyakkaten with Mocchi tomorrow! Maybe! But during this week probably!

Jailbaits, jailbaits and more jailbaits! This episode is Shukan AKB with HKT48! Not everyone, it was just Murashige, Sakura, Moriyasu, Chori, Tanaka and Ueki. HKT48 is really climbing up the ranking of my favorite idol groups.

Not gonna sub the episode before this, too much Lovetan and it was just the introduction for Murashige, Sakura and Madoka.

The timing is done mostly based on the Japanese softsub provided. Anyone willing to translate this sub correctly however is always welcome to correct my subs.

I rate this sub 70% “Honmayan” and 30% “Zettai uso ya wa”.

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Subtitles: 121109 SHUKAN AKB ep170

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Tumblr Ask Box

December 5, 2012 by

Anonymous asked: Who’s your oshi in each 48 family group?

Bold is my Oshimen, but the next few names are pretty close behind. I like them a lot too.

AKB48: Akimoto Sayaka, Shimada Haruka, Yokoyama Yui, Takeuchi Miyu, Oshima Yuko, Miyazawa Sae

SKE48: Matsui Rena, Kuwabara Mizuki, Ogiso Shiori, Kinoshita Yukiko, Matsui Jurina

NMB48: Yamamoto Sayaka, Ogasawara Mayu, Fukumoto Aina, Koyanagi Arisa

HKT48: Murashige Anna, Sashihara Rino, Miyawaki Sakura, Matsuoka Natsumi, Ueki Nao

JKT48: Ayana, Ghaida, Nabilah, Rena, Shania, Ex-Harugon.

Graduated: Noro Kayo, Oshima Mai, Jo Eriko

You know what, I’ll one up you and give my Oshimen for the rest of the idol group that I like too.

Nogizaka46: Ikuta Erika, Takayama Kazumi.

Morning Musume (past): Kamei Eri, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Fujimoto Miki, JunJun.

Morning Musume (current): Ikuta Erina, Kudo Haruka.

Berryz Koubou: Shimizu Saki, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Tokunaga Chinami.

C-ute: Yajima Maimi, Okai Chisato.

S/mileage: Ogawa Saki (past), Wada Ayaka (current)

Momoiro Clover Z: Ariyasu Momoka.

Idolling!!!: Kikuchi Ami.

Perfume: A~chan.

Not really idols but I also love Rina from SCANDAL and Otsuka Ai.